Why do some characters get such easy links while others get horribly hard links?



Cody gets wonderfully easy links.
Evil Ryu gets horribly hard links.

Can anyone here do Overhead f.mp into shoryuken 80 percent of the time?
or his c.lp > s.hp 80+ percent of the time?

I love having to practice execution, but god ham… this is a bit much. even with plinking.

SSF4 Tier List Thread REBOOT Super + AE (Updated: 02-01-09)
SSF4 Tier List Thread REBOOT Super + AE (Updated: 02-01-09)

Why would you overhead into shoryuken anyway, it only works on a standing opponent I believe. c.lp into s.hp with Evil Ryu is not hard at all, Cody may be easy at a basic level but he has more advanced combos.


Evil Ryu isn’t a good example of “hard” links. Everyone has some hard links, Vega for example has incredibly hard links. Evil Ryu falls under Sakuras plain of linking, in which alot of his difficult links have easier versions that you can fall back on

E.Ryu: Axe Kick -> Crouch LP
Sakura: LK Tatsu -> Any LK

& Cody also has some very difficult links.

As for the overhead in to combo, as far as i’m aware it doesn’t work on a crouching opponent, i guess they didn’t want it to be an easy link as any combo which starts from an overhead has a very good chace of hitting, with a character like Evil Ryu that can turn in to 400+ damage very quickly.

My guess as to why some character have hard links is to deter you from playing all the characters in the same way. Dahlsim, Honda, Vega, Chun Li & many others don’t rely on hit confirms & links to win fights.


Try f.mp, cl.mp, cr.hp xx HP Criminal Upper with Cody.
Evil Ryu’s exection is among the easiests in the game. Even Ryu has way more 1-frame links that are mandatory to his game, like cr.jab, sweep; cr.mp, sweep; f.hp, cr.hp xx HP DP or cr.mp, sweep; even cl.HK, cr.mp.


The character select of your dreams is in Karate Champ.

Also…e.ryu boards


I feel like this is the kind of mentality that hurts player development and leads to players not understanding the importance of improving your game. You should probably be in training mode practicing those links instead of whining about having to learn them. No one gets better by complaining. How many top players are on these boards complaining about ANYTHING? Put the time in to learn your character. And try learning RSF before you complain about E.Ryu having difficult combos.

Edit (forgot): and stop with this f.strong into SRK garbage.


With practise, who cares.


Some 1frames are more difficult than others though. For example, even for Ryu, the jab -> sweep or c.mp -> sweep is easier than f.hp -> c.hp just because the timing is weird and not rhythmic. Same thing for axe kick -> c.mp and jab -> cl.hp because you aren’t allowed to hit jab twice to hitconfirm and get into the rhythm of the link.


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lol. so much for overhead into SRK. If you want overhead into ultra, try Dudley or Blanka off the top of my head.




As someone who plays both characters, Ryu’s links are way easier than Evil Ryu’s. jab, sweep and cr.mp, sweep have a much easier rhythm than MK Axe Kick, cr,mp, Ryu can often substitute cr.mp for cr.hp in his BnBs, whereas Evil Ryu has to hit that plink of cr.lp to cl.hp for his combo starter most of the time (cl.mp is harder to space and doesn’t force stand). Ryu generally only has to hit one 1-frame link in any of his combos, including hit confirms; Evil Ryu averages 2 on his BnB hit confirms (example: cr.lp, cl.hp xx mk axe, cr.mp xx lk tatsu, hp srk) unless you’re going for his low damage confirms, which defeats the purpose of the character. Hitting 2 one frame links consecutively is a lot harder than hitting one consistently.

f.hp, cr.hp and cl.hk, cr.mp are in no way mandatory to Ryu’s game, and f.hp, cr.hp can be substituted with easier links to cr.mp or cr.lp, even within a plink. On the other hand, if you’re not using axe kick combos, you probably aren’t winning with Evil Ryu.


lmao E. Ryus links are so easy!

I main Gen.


I dunno…I don’t think eryu has any mandatory 1f links, except maybe tatsu, sweep on the characters it works on. After a dive kick, just go straight to cl.mp xx mk axe kick. It’s a true block string, and due to scaling silliness, doesn’t do any less damage than the 1f link you’re complaining about.

Eryu can also do 2 light attacks into cl.hp in a ton of situations. Meaty c.lk into c.lp, cl.hp works on a ton of characters. Meaty dive kick you can do 2 lights into it, too, but it does less damage than just doing cl.mp xx mk axe kick.

I’ve been using lk axe kick, fadc, c.mp a lot lately, which is hard and leads to combos with a ton of 1f links, but I wouldn’t call that mandatory.

Also…f.mp, hp srk isn’t useless. You have time to hit confirm and it does sometimes hit people when they’re standing. They could have tried to walk forward or focus or w/e. I’ve hit it in matches before. Usually when my overhead hits focus.


I have a question

Base on the frame data, after the Far St.MP, the MK axe Kick can connect but in reality I never do it. Do I input slowly or I misunderstanding the frame data ?


That doesn’t work, far st. MP doesn’t have enough hit stun to combo into MK axe kick. If you can land the far st. MP as a counter hit then it will work. But in a normal case, it will only combo off cl. MP, cl. HP, or cr. HP


It’s strange because the far st.MP has 4 active frame and 14 recovery frame, plus it’s +2 on hit. It means if we cancel to special move we can have 4+14+2=20 frame for a move. It calculated like this and it’s correct with cr.MK into LK Axe Kick and other moves.

Or my calculation wrong ?


Ive been really getting into 3S now and I think the strict link timing (unfair and only for some characters) is there in most recent fighting games. It’s strange how some characters can cancel into their super / ultra from just about anything and some characters have less normals that can link into their super/ultra AND the timing is strict. Pretty unfair, but i guess theyre trying their best to balance it. And I think its impossible for them to foresee “some” characters getting a huge advantage with that. I think in general when they want to nerf or buff a character they tend to REALLY over do it. In the past games, esp with Capcom, they try to balance a character out not just with stats, but a huge thing is how easy a character can link or cancel their normal/special into a super/ultra. They just tend to overdo it for some characters.


xD, i share the same feeling with the OP. i main sakura and the one frame tatsu loop is killing me. even i practise months until i can succeed for like 80% of the times. after i stop playing the game, for example, a 5 day trip. oh yea, success rate drops to 20%.

i feel so unfair too because some characters dont even need combos and links!!!

thats why sometimes i play Abel. OH YEA! Abel basically only has 1 combos, f.mk into s.hp into COD, then FADC into ultra.

this is a 1f combo as well, but guess what , just start the combo with cr.mp, and oh yea, EASIEST combo in the world that deals 500 damages.

So yea, i admit the game is unfair somehow , but on the bright side i think it is why the game is so fun :slight_smile:


It’s ok as long as you get a good reward for your damage. The annoying thing about Evil Ryu’s 1 frame bnb combo is the long wait before the 1 frame link, they aren’t so bad when they are back to back. When there is a pause then it gets tricky because you’re more likely to guess.


cody has much harder combos than evil ryu.

cr.lp -> cl.hp is not hard.

axekick -> cr.lp is not hard and doesnt do much less than cr.mp

I dont play e.ryu very often and I dont plink at all but hit these combos most of the time