Why do some OTG command grab combos in A groove only work in training mode


ok So i’m fooling around with A yun and I"m remembering a video I saw a year ago seeing all kinds of OTG command grabs with several characters in A groove . SO I come up with a combo as SIMPLE lol as yun’s 3 hit chain into fierce lunge punch, Corpse hop to other side ACTIVATE CC Command grab OTG(with incredible ease and hardly any timeing involved) then st mk jump dive kick st fierce, fierce shoulder tackle , fierce palm strike, fierce tackle , palm strikex2, fierce tackle standing mk jump wiff dive kick jp RH. SO i’m happy and I get on aim and talk to SF friends and i’m like holy shit i’ve never seen this combo and it looks totally cool. But then I go back to try out its effectiveness against computer. So I do 3 hit chain into fierce lunge punch corpse hop activate command grab… WIFFFFFF. I’m like wtf must be the character… So i beat that character try on next character… WIFFFFF… I’m like fuck what the hell is wrong? So I go back in training mode try the combo on those 2 characters and voila! works easy as pie… I’m like wtf is wrong here… So I think its maybe my timing and I put it back on arcade mode… attempt to do combo and WIFF grab again… SO I tried this OTG on every character in Training mode and it works 100% with ease. But doesnt work in Arcade mode. I don’t understand… Maybe someone alot more knowledgeable could tell me … cause I dont understand considering I am able to OTG demon flip grab with akuma. I don’t understand why it doesnt work in arcade and does in training mode. Any ideas>?


oh yeah and I forgot to mention you can otg command throw after knocking character down with any move with yun in training mode. Even a regular throw. its weird i don’t quite understand. Just wanted to add another a groover to my large reputoire kinda disappointed this doesnt work in arcade mode. considering how sweet it looks. Try it and see what you think. May not be best damaging wise but its one for my combo video for sure!


Who were you practicing the combo against?

edit: sorry didnt read whole post, i dont know why it woudl work in training mode. As far asi know you can only use command grabs otg, and only on rolento and dan.


That only works with Rolento and Dan. Hibiki and Chang can throw then activate, but no OTG. I think Maki can throw then activate too.