Why do some people become so defensive over video game discussions

I’m sure everyone has seen this, but usually when a big name title is announced/released, it gets threads upon threads of bashing, nitpicking, and the occasional logical discussion. It happened with Aion, Star Trek Online, or any MMO for that matter Street Fighter IV, Bayonetta (that was a pretty big console war), MW2, and most recently Final Fantasy 13. So ignoring the obvious flame baits like such and such game sucks, you’re a noob if you like it and other senseless post like that, why is it that some people start hating, flaming, insulting another user who post contrary to the hater’s belief?

Right now FF13 seems to be a really touchy subject even more so than Bayonetta. What ever happened to game on game discussions and comparisons in a discussion forum? It’s now resorted to console bashing and various other attacks personal using a multiplatform video game as an excuse. It’s pretty tame here compared to some other forums. Users are getting banned or suspended because he/she doesn’t like FF13 or whatever game is currently the “in” thing now.

Losers who do nothing but play video games have no identity other than a video gamer, so being wrong about video games threatens the integrity of their identity.

Reality rap.

Close thread.

Say wha tyou want about me but stop fucking talking like that about my video games :mad:

pherai pretty much nailed it. A lot of gamers… no MAJORITY of gamers are stupid. Hate being put in the same group as them, but what are ya gonna do. Can be fun to watch every now and then though. :coffee:

Give this guy a fucking biscuit please. He’s straight up correct

Evidence? ^^

What the fuck Pherai I wanted to post my opinion up now you ruined can this day get any worse.

The console wars remain a mystery to me too. I had a friend who would talk shit about playstation as if it were a pinko commie in the 60’s. Penny-arcade spoke about it on one of their podcasts, about these nerds only being able to afford one console, and thus being very invested in it, they WANT to believe that their shit is better than the other consoles they don’t have.

It blows my mind though. The console wars have blown up so much it’s like listening to douchebags argue about atheism vs religion or liberal vs conservative. I think pherai is right though, it’s about people wanting to belong to something, to have an identity. They can’t (or don’t want to) realize who they themselves are, so they’ll flock to some canned identity. At the very least it’s better than them becoming skinheads or gangbangers or some shit.

Still, I’d like to see a real study done on the mentalities of these people. If only for the humor at least.

if it’s not madden, it’s for bitches.

Its based on opinions. On internet forums, opinions is all people really have so they defend it rigorously. Add in the anonymity of being behind a screen and you get a recipe for “everyone who disagrees with me is a ******.”

They get mad and then I be all like “lol why you mad though?”

Yeah, then the topic plummets down to a bunch of flames and then the thread gets closed and people get banned. The users who post actual data to support their claims I don’t have a beef with so long as they don’t type retarded, but when it begins to boil down to opinions “L2P n00b” with the occasional “stfu, and quit your bitching because my (object of affection that is currently being attacked)” disguised as a seemingly intelligent post, that’s when the thread usually begins to heat up. I don’t think all the users who become extremely defensive and hostile are “Losers who do nothing but play video games have no identity other than a video gamer.” There’s probably another category for that, not counting trolls because we already know what their purposes are.

Because Sagat is OP, Guile is UP, Dudley will be OP but he has no projectiles. Vega is supposed to be OP because he has a claw and is buff. Sakura needs breast implants and Cammy needs an ultra that zooms in on her ass for 45 seconds, at least. Dan needs to be tier 1 and Blanka needs to have a purple alt color, Darksydephil is the greatest gamer to ever live, there will be a flowchart Ibuki, and Dee Jay will be bottom tier.

That about sums up what I read in various threads before coming into this thread.

what the fuck is wrong with you people? thats bullshit there is no reason to say such things…

jk :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s almost refreshing to see somebody ask this question. On other sites, bitter, hard-nosed discussion about consoles/movies/music/etc is just the name of the game.

I like reading when people start discussing things like technical spec comparisons, why this apple is better than that orange, etc. But then it becomes stupid and less about the facts and more about the personal attacks when that 1 person or group of people starts getting pissed off because you just called out whatever they like. It’s even worse when it goes against the majority opinion.

FF13 is gay animu garbage



On the real though it’s the same as any fanatic for anything. Once you begin to identify with something you’ll get defensive about it.

I don’t understand this either. I have a 360 and if it magically got replaced with a Ps3 with all the same games/controllers(sticks) I wouldn’t even give a shit. I wouldn’t be happy nor sad, just “whatever”.