Why do some people become so defensive over video game discussions


Because my opinion>>>> your opinion :arazz:

also read what pherai said


Give this man a cookie!

I don’t get console war ‘discussion’ myself, why or how could one hate a piece of hardware when they don’t even own it.


Damn. 'Pretty much wrapped up everybody’s thoughts in one post, and in the first reply no less.

I also think John D. Rockefeller aka Dr. Sub Zero summed it up well: “I don’t get that, man…when everybody was making fun of the first person shooters at EVO and West, that was disappointing. Come on guys, it’s bad enough that everybody else makes fun of us, but do we have to make fun of each other?! Gimme a break. We play video games and they fuckin’ rock!


I think the thing for me is…there’s two types of discussions that come up.

1)console vs console

2)consumer vs company.

It annoys the fuck outta me when 2 becomes 1. People that defend nickel and diming, price gouging, Starcrft 2’s expansions, lack of functions on consoles that should be there. Like seriously? You dont get a pat on the head from a game company if you put their nuts in your mouth. Nobody gives a shit. They only want your money. NO GAME COMPANY OR ANY COMPANY CARES ABOUT YOU. For fuck’s sake it’s stupid to read people arguing about how x company cares about their customers and x company doesn’t. They aren’t a fucking charity. Anything they do is to improve sales or make money. Even if it looks like they’re doing something that will make them lose money, in the end it’s because they think they will make money.

To me it’s hella stupid to have allegiances to companies or consoles or whatever bullshit. It’s a large reason why I don’t like talking to people about gaming. Somebody brought up gaming in my scene once and this dude just went on a psuedo pre emptive rant about how great his console of choice was. Like he was seeing shadows in the dark or something, arguing against something that wasnt even there. You know if you had said shit they would have been freaking out hella hard.

TL;DR - Console wars are dumb.


Flaming runs rampant in all hobbies and interests. I am spread thin acrossed a lot of hobbies that I have. I don’t have enough time to do what I want with them, let alone argue loyalties in any of it.

I’ve thought about it and have come to conclude why based on two major factors;

1- People invest their time and energy, specializing in it.

2- People invest money in it.

I was at Game Stop a few weeks back and a customer was talking with the cashier about some PS3 game. I approached the coutner with my copy of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Boom Blox bash party. He was going to ask my opinion, but he saw that I had two Wii games and said “Oh, you’re a Wii guy. Nevermind.”

I’m one of these nerds who can’t afford more than one new system. I own a Wii and I like it for what it is. I’d love to own a PS3, but I have other things going on that need my attention right now, financially. I have a list of about 20-30 games that I would love to have for the PS3 as well as a few on the 360, but not everyone can afford dumping thousands on videogames.

I can’t afford it, because I dump thousands on screen printing tools, my car restorations, aquarium and skateboard related stuff aside from my bills. I also collect old toys, but all of this shit comes and goes in waves.

It’s sad that people judge you, based on the shit that you own. It’s also sad that people take it.

You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in your bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis.


I wonder how many times pherai’s post will be quoted.

I don’t care about the console wars. I have a PS3 and I’m not going to look down on you if your system is a Wii or 360. I’m also not going to sweat it if you think one port of a game is better than the other. I don’t even consider myself a gamer anymore. Heh, I power on my PS3 like once or twice a year anyway. But if I had the time and money, I’d buy up every system ever made like James Rolfe.


I wonder how many people who post in here that those people are stupid are the same people who do exactly what they are condemning. Oh the sweet taste of hypocrisy.


This thread is quite refreshing…

This forum has the potential for really good discussions, but things somehow tend to take a turn for the worse. While SRK has taken steps to welcome free discussions, below the surface there is an attitude that discourages it.

Let’s face it. Not all threads/posts are internet gold, but why make the poster feel even worse about it? Is it really a foreign concept to just let the thread fall, or not flame the poster/OP? I’m sure people don’t mind constructive critcism; however, it becomes a problem when people take things beyond the post and get personal. It’s little wonder that more people come here to lurk than to post.

While I have enjoyed my 9+ years here @ SRK, I don’t remember having issues like these when fighters.net was around…


I asked myself the same question.





Lying gets you a sweet office gig and a couple of jump-offs, but the truth only gets you a biscuit and a cookie. Fuck this shit.


But the biscuit and cookie taste so good :slight_smile:


I have to admit, It’s been a while since I saw this topic popped up. All I will say is, as long as there’s something popular, there will be someone to bitch about it. Videogames, food, cars, People will hate on your dog. If you don’t have one, they’ll attack the neighbor’s mutt instead. Don’t let it get to ya. If they can’t handle it, they shouldn’t pick up the controller.



Yeah. He looked down on me until I got into a conversation with the clerk about Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. He started looking for it in the PS3 games. Neither the clerk or I had the heart to tell him what was up.


Nobody likes to hear a dissenting opinion.Even if it’s stuff like baseball or rap music or tv shows or what have you.It’s just another meaningless thing to argue about/discuss,as far as people who like flip out and threaten to go to blows over that kind of stuff shrug people like that would be like that no matter what it was.


How often do these people who are flipping out ever support their defense with logical reasoning though. Usually I see the L2P or you’re a noob who doesn’t know what they’re talking about replies. In the case for pay to play MMOs, “I can play this game however I want to because I’m paying for it” reasoning. Another discussion altogether.


I don’t know if it’s any better when it’s than having no identity other than “tea party person”, “democrat” or “motor cyclist”. Having a one dimensional identity in anyway is pretty unhealthy.

It’s easy to shit on video game nerds for this, but in doing that you outright deny the number of meaningless things in the world people get just upset about, and it ends up making you just as one dimensional as the people you complain about if you don’t include some sort of a caveat. It’s not an issue with gamers, it’s an issue with people. Life’s a little wider than SRK ultimately.


As long as it’s fact-based and on point there’s nothing wrong with arguing. It’s actually pretty fun with the going back and forth.


I always find it hilarious that these so called “Gamers” are usually pretty awful at any form of gaming that doesn’t involve memorizing patterns to beat CPU’s. And yet these people are so proud of their so called sub-culture. Superficially playing 500 games and being mediocre at all of them is not an achievement, nor something to be proud of.


I don’t even understand where that came from, non head to head gaming is pointless? I mean are we including games with high score here? I’m just trying to get an idea of exactly how much of a hole you want to dig yourself with that comment.

I mean I’m pretty proud about getting 1.4 mil in Geowars, it’s not top leader board, though I’m happy with it. Is that okay with you?