Why do some people become so defensive over video game discussions


Easy on the defensive stance there, champ. I was referring more to the subculture of idiots who talk about being gamers, but never take the time to actually learn anything substantial in the games they play. I’m sure most of us have known at least 1-2 people like this in our lives.


Ah well the “memorizing patterns to beat CPUs” read like a dig on – hell – every single genre but competitive games and every player but competitive players. Sorry if that’s not what you meant. You’re referring to very casual players who like to put on hardcore airs? I still don’t get that impression, but I guess I’ll take your word for it if you insist.


I remember a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago there was a website where people would compete against each other in different genre’s of games. Whether it would be racing, platforming or even fighting games. There was one of their competitions where they actually played CvS2 against each other and they were horrible at it. Clockw0rk actually went to their forums and linked them to our website to try to level up their ST skills and he basically got lit up with flames.

Yeah, the average gamer is sad stuff =[


It’s just human psychology + the anonymity of the internet. There’s nothing special about gamers in that regard, it just seems like it because we are gamers and that’s the kind of flame wars we end up reading. I post on a web forum for a university class, and given that everything is moderated and what you say has consequences, things look very different from the intarweb.


I beleive it’s a combination of the following

Fanboys are annoying

Fanboys are annoyed easily (especialy by other fanboys)

Fanboys are fun to poke.:coffee:


Yep, I did word it pretty badly, but that’s exactly what i’m referring to.


Yes I know that. Replace “video game®” in my post with anything people identify with and I’ll stand by that statement. In the defense of video gamers, I’d rather they have rigid, extreme, irrational opinions about something meaningless like video games, than social/political things.


I’m not really sure why you wanted to discuss this, there are too many reasons to list.
People are not the same. It will happen.

What else is there to say? All I see is a question that is not specific enough.


It’s just a general discussion, list all the points, enlighten the masses, just have some people come in and get their thoughts out, get some people to see the error of their ways? =P
All in all, I made this post just for some good fun instead of the usual threads we have.



Well thanks for the fun and thread.


Speaking of Aion, NCSoft can go to hell. They fucking banned me for no reason whatsoever, saying I was using a third party program when I don’t even use in-game macros.

I’m sure fishjie will be happy to see someone else stop playing that game. My brother quit too, he’s pissed off by proxy and wants nothing to do with it now either. :rofl:


Fanboys are to blame. They will not go down easily in a debate of whatever discussion is at hand. They will also pull information from their asses to prove their crazy point of views. Get a thread full of fanboys and they’ll argue each other to death or until one of them gets banned.


Oh man, this is why I stopped talking in a thread about Sonny 2. Just to clear things up, Sonny 2 is a **Flash ** RPG/fighter/something. Yes, even Flash games will generate fanboys.

TS Opinion: Sonny 2 didn’t do what a sequel was supposed to do and was overall not as great.
My (Supporting) Opinion: After playing through it multiple times, Sonny 2 has a bunch of issues (lack of challenge, same attack pattern gained a third of the way into the game will destroy all non-gimmick enemies easily regardless of difficulty, still bad storyline) and really doesn’t meet up to the hype. (I gave it a bad rating, because I didn’t enjoy it at all.)
First Opposing Opinion: OMG u gaiz r assholes i bet u didnt even beat the game
My Rebuttal: I beat the game… at least four times on the hardest difficulty without training battles. It was still disappointing.
TS’s Rebuttal: …I beat it a couple of times too.
Second Opposing Opinion: You’re being too critical; you’re rating it like you’re judging it against a console game.
My Rebuttal: I rated comparing to other Flash games on the site, and I thought the game wasn’t fun.

Oh, and here’s the kicker: after having to continuously illustrate the problems I pointed out, this was the last exchange before I just decided that it wasn’t worth the time.

Third Opposing Opinion: Your opinion doesn’t matter. As long as there are hundreds of supporters for each person like you, your words and arguments are meaningless. And you’re a fool if you continue to argue because you don’t realize this.
My Rebuttal: If a game has problems, a bunch of people liking the game doesn’t change the fact that the game has problems.

I think that exchange I had really just cemented my personal stance on this thread’s topic. People become so ingrained in what they’re into that it’s almost like-- no, it is– a kind of idol worship. So when someone walks in, tries it out, and says, “Well… I don’t really appreciate this-and-that about the game,” those masses whip out the flamethrowers.

It takes a keen eye, a sound mind, and a sense of modesty (or humor, if you’re going through ZeroPunctuation) to take a game that you think you avidly enjoy and see its faults. It takes a dose of maturity to accept those faults and still enjoy the game regardless. I can bicker all I want about how cheese-inducing any-Groove Sagat can be in CvS2, but I elect to continue to play my weaksauce team and have fun while I’m at it. Who knows? Once in a blue moon I beat a cheesy Sagat with my R1 C-King, and I enjoy the moment even more, but even when I lose that match-up 99.94% of the time, I’m still having fun.

Unfortunately, when you’re on the Internet, encountering a candid game critic amongst the fanboys and anti-fanboys (haters?) is only slightly easier than finding truffles with a whale.


What I got from this thread: many people are irrational and adhere blindly to what they believe in while ignoring everyone telling them otherwise.

What I already knew: many people are irrational and adhere blindly to what they believe in while ignoring everyone telling them otherwise.



Haha, nice story there LunarNova, that 3rd opposing opinion is funny. It’s funny cause it’s true how often that comes up. World of Warcraft seems to bring that up the most. “This game doesn’t have any problems because 12 million people play it.”

I think everyone on here has some understanding of overly defensive users, just take a look at the any of the fighting game character forums.