Why do SRKers hate the SF EX series?

I like the EX series.

Its the first SF series of games that I played competively (I’ve played alot of SF before then but I didnt like SF as much until EX). And it has like the second best cast of characters of all SF games (Alpha series has the #1 best cast of characters).

I like coffee ice cream

Its my first ice cream i can really say I ate a lot (I’ve ate a lot of other flavors of ice cream but i didnt like any others until i had coffee) And its like the best combination of yummy drink and yummy snack. (I like stuff)


I hate everything, I am spitting blood right now. srk

Because the last time they played it was like 12 years ago, when many people here were little kids…that’s assuming they even played it at all.

Otherwise, it’s just bandwagon jumping. People trying to sound cool saying EX sucks, when it really doesn’t.

EX is solid.

INDRA BASHIIIIIII! flying pelvic thrust

Allen Snider sounds like a 2 year old learning to talk.

Pullum Purna has the most annoying voice ever.

Area has an annoying face.

The game uses elevator music. This alone make me fall asleep or turn off the game.

Other than that I like it.

There’s already a EX thread, and we touched on this subject…search for it.

…Methinks someone needs to throw in a No “why do x hate y series thead” rule for FGD.

These topics are getting way outta hand.


Noone plays my game

Volcano Rosso says “Fuck!” when he does his glowing-hand counter. That makes EX a good series.

This and Shadow Geist’s DEATHU GOVARMENT.

Quite simply one of the best named supers ever.


I knew it was coming.


…drops bomb.

Hey I liked the series too…

I actually think that SF4 took a lot of the EX ideas and put it into SF4…but then again thats just me

FIRE FORCE!!! TRIPLE BREAK!!! Allen Snider rules…

SF EX Plus Alpha endings were pretty hilarious.


Darun’s is so LULZ. :rofl:

Nothing else needs to be said, really. That’s the just of it.


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I find SFIV a lot more floaty and retarded than the EX series. Hell, it was probably more faithful to the past SF games than SFIV.

Why do SRKers hate the SFA3 series? It was the first blah blah nvm.

Girugamesh indeed.