Why do the alpha games get so little attention?


To this day, ST still has a community and gets represented at tournaments from time to time, same with 3s.

I understand that Alpha 1 is disliked, but A2 wasnt. Not sure about 3.

Why hasnt there been a movement to get something like a2/a3 online edition made? Personally, I think A2 is extremely fun.


Idk but I would love to learn Alpha 2. Those broken ass custom combos are awesome.


I guess it all comes down to lack of interest (much like many other fighters these days).


Because there is no correlation between the quality and popularity of a fighting game.


is alpha 2 really broken? because I love how it feels and looks and sounds so much


No its not broken. Alpha 3 has way bigger issues then A2.

Anyway people got kind of sick of Valle CCs


Number 1 reason in America is bad console ports. Alpha 3 probably would have been still popular to this day if it got a good PS2 port. It never got a PS2/OG Xbox era port until after 3rd Strike came out and it still was rather off. When Alpha 3 was really popular the FGC was still mostly arcade based and by the time Evo and tourneys started to go console based there was still no good console port. CVS2 was generally starting to take over as the next biggest game to 3S since it had a better console port (both PS2 and Dreamcast were pretty close to arcade).

Alpha 2 from what I’ve heard was pretty niche competitively in Japan compared to the US and was pretty much dumped once A3 hit. A3 was the BIG SF game in Japan for a while, then eventually 3rd Strike also got pretty big right after with SBO and such.

That’s pretty much why in the US when Evo started rolling around A2 and A3 only caught some steam online because of GGPO. Both games online had a bit of a community there, but I can’t imagine enough people wanted to play PC emulated ports of those games at offline tourneys. Evo and other majors mostly stuck to consoles so that didn’t help.


I think America would have gotten really sick of corner infs in A3 after a few years of that shit in majors…but we’ll never really know.


The alphas are dead in the U.S. but A3 is still regularly played in Japan with tournaments and special events that still go on as well. I would’ve loved to see more A1 tournaments however since it seems that one gets shunned the most. It was pretty broken though but still…


Oh man A1 sucks.


I thought the Alpha Anthology ports were pretty much arcade perfect?


I think they can be very close to arcade perfect if you change some dipswitches.


Maybe most people consider the alpha series to be a street fighter spinoff lol personally I like alpha 3 more so then the 3s!!!