Why do the people on GameFAQs act the way they do?

Why, god, why they display such IGNorance? And why they take opinions higher than facts, and their own opinions are the land of no return?


Believe it or not, the internet… nay, the world is filled to bursting with stupid people. A place like GameFAQs is a place for them to run rampant, unrestrained and free of oppressive moderation, to drool upon one another while spouting nonsensical opinions. They laud one another for their efforts and encourage each other to continue excreting worthless drivel from their head cavities. Slap fights break out from time to time, which are occasionally broken up by a “moderator,” but for the most part they are allowed to roam free, writing reviews and voting on the best console.

So why does this place exist? For the same reason special education and after-school programs for mentally challenged children exist. Don’t judge GameFAQs users, for they cannot help that they are less mentally capable than the rest of us.

Don’t even begin to believe that you’ve got some sort of clarity just because you post on Shoryuken.com. Guess what: there are idiots and ignorant people here too so don’t even start with that shit.

Edit: oh, joke thread. OK, whatever. But I guess this does address some people here.

I would say many of those same opinions reside here as well, they are just a tad harder to find… sometimes

DO they still perform those Superman vs. Goku forum battles?

You mean the battle poll?

yeah we still do that in GD

I see what you did there!

but seriously, who would win

Superman because he doesn’t need to spend half an hour grunting at the opponent whilst some invisible force styles his hair to become strong.

Goku because he has an impeccable hair doo.

Could mullet Superman beat Goku?

My vote for Pre-Crisis Superman (Earth-2).

i grunt at the screen while i post

Tried doing that but it makes my text harder to read.

Goku and Superman aren’t so special. The REAL props goes to Rafe, their gay hairdresser, who can move even faster than they can combined, and breath in outer space. Seriously…with all the ass-stomping he gets, how do you think Supes keeps that little s-curl on his forehead in place? And did you notice that no matter what happens, after the Freeza saga, no dbz character’s hair ever gets messed up, even when they backflip or dodge really fast? Rafe, yo. Fastest fruit alive. You can spot him if you frame by frame advance in the Cell Games where Goku fights Cell in the arena. He’s dressed as a second Goku. This is to give him the appearance of being an after-image. He is also shining Cell’s carapace, while dressed as a secondary Cell.

But seriously folks,

why do people

Great, looks like Candlejack is hijacking the

Don’t you start with

what the fuck is everything a meme now