Why do the people on SRK act the way they do?

It’s odd to me, but whenever I go into a thread, I usually see one stupid comment after another. Why is that? They can’t seem to think for themselves, make a decent contribution and shun anyone who isn’t Justin Wong or Umehera Daigo. That reminds me, stop sucking his dick so much guys.

You have the unique problem of being so dumb that even smart posts look stupid to you, because you have no fucking idea what people are actually talking about

Funny Sakeido, I’ve never heard a smart comment from you. You see, you seem to only use a bunch of insults to try to prove you being right. You also make odd accusations too. I mean, I’ve already proved I’ll admit when I’m wrong, making your point about me thinking myself superior invalid. I’d prefer if you wouldn’t post here because you’re just a waste of my time. Thank you very much.

:lol: Oh the irony.

No you haven’t you giant fucking ignoramus

@Warrior’s Dreams

What irony is there? I’m asking a legitimate question.


Fine, if you want to post, at least provide a valid argument to WHY the people on here are not stupid. You guys aren’t helping your case very much to be honest, whenever I go into a thread, all I see is a bunch of people agreeing with the majority and harassing other members. If that’s not the case, you insult someone’s post. If THAT’S not the case, you call someone a scrub, insult them, treat them like shit, and tell them to get the fuck out. If THAT’S not the case, you insult their whole post, ignore it completely and laugh for no reason without any help to others or yourself and lowering their self esteem. IF THAT’S not the case, you continue to say stuff as if you’re right and they’re wrong without hearing them out correctly or make some odd accusation out of some really uncogent, half assed reasons. Then once in a while, you DO see someone helping someone, and they’re not good enough to help out because they’re not Umehera Daigo in any game ever. For example, Daigo was playing Guilty Gear and then some guy gave advice on his Sol, but then the person disregarded the advice and acted like Daigo was undefeatable in a game he’s not even that good at. But that’s not all, people continue to state “Look at that! He’s a beast in every fighting game he touches!” I’m not saying he isn’t great, I’m stating give him credit where it’s due. But this is the manner of SRK quite often. Ironic part? You’re probably not going to read all of this because it’s “too long”.

It’s odd to me, but whenever I go onto SRK, I usually see one stupid thread after another. Why is that? They can’t seem to think for themselves, make a decent contribution and stop complaining about other people. That reminds me, it’s the internet…


It’s not, its just that sometimes people like you post and make the rest of us look bad.

Which will happen first; you being banned or this thread being locked? Place your bets!

Someone needs to spend more time lurking around SRK.

Sakeido (Suck… I-do!) can flame pretty well but his most obvious weakness is easily exploited - he can’t fart.

@Atomic Moth

But does that justify the means to which they do so? I mean, I wouldn’t call it an “accident”.

@Tech Romancer

Well, here’s the thing Tech Romancer, I did. I looked around, looked at different threads, but it’s the same thing after another. Nobody can think of

regardless of the stupidity of the threads poster hes absolutely right that 99% of posters on srk are idiots. it’s not like it was ever really good but its got orders of magnitude worse since sf4 came out. at least before that people had a general understanding of how fighting games work. now you got dudes whining about how shotos take “no skill”

I actually didn’t read all of it because it was one rambling block of incoherent nonsense, just like most of your posts and PMs


i love america

it’s called group mentality. even the smartest people will act like a bunch of dumbasses when they’re trying to be a part of a group. this doesn’t happen just on SRK. that, + people in general aren’t really good at thinking

why play the role of antagonist, especially when doing so has NO importance, ESPECIALLY since it’s against the rules and you seem to care about this place somewhat?

last thing, don’t tell people what to do cause they hate that more than anything. people are gonna be as stupid as they want. people are gonna suck as much dick as they want.


Alright, let me ask. Do you HAVE to use the Ultra? No, so how’s it a disadvantage to have an ultra? If you mess up, it’s your fault, end of story. It’s not a double edge sword, you don’t have to use it, and if you do it right and hit confirm, it won’t hurt you. You could get absolutely NOTHING for getting hit, but the fact that you’re getting something in return is a reward in my honest opinion. If you disagree, that’s fine, but I think it’s a reward. Either way, it’s irrelevant.


Everything requires skill… Once the game is learned, people stop falling for gimmicks and such. Shotos are usually just easier to use, but that’s why they’re made, so that people can have an easier time getting into the game. They still require some form of finesse to work with. Also, I’m sorry to come off blunt but I’d appreciate if you didn’t call me stupid. I’m socially troubled, fine, I can accept that. But if I make a valid point, how is that stupid?


Hm. Alright, I’ll try not to make myself come off so assertive. I still wish to try to show a bit of what SRK really is and hopefully (Not likely, but it doesn’t hurt to try) allow people to see problems. I mean, it’s quite upsetting. This site was built to help people become better and yet, they just seem to hurt each other. The only thing I can hope is for change.

It has to do mostly with SF4 being so available to the online community, a lot of kids just get games every week because their parents have a good load of money, they play, some like it, some search videos on youtube and find Daigo vs Justin Wong, they see everyone riding them and in the “related videos” section they find more videos of them, everyone rides whoever of those two is playing, they repeat.

Thank god I’m mexican and we still have an arcade scene, shame about everything else in the country.

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