Why do the people on SRK act the way they do?

Inb4lock and ban.

Weird. This just proves my point. But not happening, you want to do this? Take it somewhere else.

I don’t get it, what’s the point of this thread? To complain?

It seems that way.either
a: They have no fricken clue what people are talking about even when it gets technical.
B: doesn’t realize that it is possible on here when there’s nothing new worthy of discussion, to sit back and have a laugh with everyone.
Or C: They like to troll and try to get a rise out of you all.Which it hasn’t seem to work /for most part/.

But heh, this thread’ll be locked soon enough.

The point of this thread is to possibly attempt to show the bleakness of this site so that PERHAPS, just MAYBE, it can revert into being a site where others can help each other. It’s funny though, if I get a ban, 90% of this site should get a ban because

  1. Members insult each other all the time on here.

  2. Members continue to spam topics, just look at the above.

  3. Members have posted illegal material on here continuously before.

I doubt that it will make a change, but what can be done? Still, I wish to know why SRK is the way it is. That good enough for you? Because there are dozens of threads that have nothing to do with anything and they’re still open.

@Francy’s Pai

I’m not quite sure what you’re inferring, however, people stated “This thread will be locked” for the other thread I made about hating SF4, but it’s still open today.

To gain attention. As usual.

Too many of these threads. I understand everyone has an opinion, but this has been done to death already.

Blueberries have to much fiber in them for me… eat too many and stomach is fucked up all day… does anyone other than me like pecan waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, its the perfect/ultimate dessert but its extremely sweet… and sometimes I wonder if that is what crack feels like…

EDIT: I’m asleep for the whole day after eating one, and include some bacon and its pretty much GGPO for me…

If you want to know what crack tastes like, eat some tiramisu… either that or drink some red bull

“Cocaine in a can baby!”

Alright first of all: You and a bunch of other 2010 people have been lumping into FGD and been starting every troll/stupid thread you could think of (like this one). I remember when FGD was almost exclusive to games that DIDN’T have their own subforum. Beyond that it was a discussion of general theory, which was probably the furthest it ever used to get in terms of BS. NOW we have “WHY PEOPLE THROW ME?! IT’S GAY!” threads, and we’re suposed to take them seriously!

Second of all: Shut up

Third: Some of us are just a little tired of either answering the same questions or just plain ol’ tired of seeing FGD frontspage swallowed up by lame ass threads that somehow turn into legit threads and because one or two overly self-important dickfaces decided they were going to go along with the OP’s boneheaded discussion starter. Hell I’m doin it right now! SHOOT ME! FUCKING SHOOT ME!

Most of us ignore this crap, but literally more than 50% of front page topics are shit that either don’t belong in FGD (kinda like this thread) or shit that’s so fucking dumb it HAS to be a troll for the sake of my faith in humanity because I can only wish that NOBODY IS THAT FUCKING STUPID. So far my faith has been shaken a total of 12 times IN ONE MONTH!!! ONE FUCKING MONTH! Did you turds all join a mailing list or some shit? Are you huddled up together in a Waco Texas bunker just scheming on how you’re all going to be useless wastes of space for the month of March? I gotta say, you jerks do good work. It used to be just the 09ers, and that was SF4’s fault, some people just didn’t understand, either how the the community worked or how the this website itself did. At first I at least tried to let them know without being a dick, but after a while, just words don’t work, you gotta sting the fucker.

So FORGIVE ME if I’m a little rude, I didn’t know we were at SRK charm school now, I’ll definitely make an effort to be more polite to you and the other misguided posters in the future. Or maybe someone’ll do me a favor and blow my brains out.

No, he’s trolling.

He’s not too good at it though; I haven’t laughed yet.

Treat this site like the majority of other message boards on the internet.

Read the posts that are genuinely interesting, and ignore the rest.

Congratulations, you win now.

You should probably leave FGD and visit every other part of the site before saying this.

Also you are your own worst enemy, deal wit it.

Oh yeah, it’s also funny as hell to do it.

hey yall, why wasn’t 3rd strike a success? seeya

…Or it could be this. You know, I just can’t tell anymore.

Dude, my lady friend just bought me a waffle maker, so now I’m seriously considering making either blueberry waffles with butter pecan syrup for breakfast tomorrow. It’s going to be godlike.

Its cause Chun Leez thaighs broke da game

Oh noesz!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against 3S

To get banned. :wow:

Believe me, it will definitely be gdlk… they are extremely thick so its quite easy to get full off of one imo(well considering you’re eating other things with it), you have to be a greedy bastard to get through one… imo either that or I’m just too skinny…

And no, Chun’s incredible ass broke the game in two…

really though is there any point to fgd. i guess discussing new games/non-region-specific elements of the scene (like getting into mlg etc). thats really the only scope this forum can have without getting retarded. just delete everything else on a categorical basis. i know the mods here have no balls and you have to really fuck up to get banned (or just happen to piss off the wrong person despite doing nothing wrong like henaki did), so that makes it easy for you. no arbitration necessary, no thought necessary.