Why do the people on SRK act the way they do?

you deserve to be banned for shit talking the mods

I’m pretty sure the only reason we need FGD is for doujin fighters.

what new doujin fighters are coming out anyway

You’re not off to a good start by titling your topic “Why are the people on SRK generally idiots?”. Obviously you’re out to directly insult people right off the bat instead of trying to bring up a meaningful discussion of any kind, so honestly what is the point, you’ve already instilled negativity into the reader without them even reading your post yet.

You should visit the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, it’s well moderated to help protected against flaming and trolling and all of that negative stigma, and has helped many new and even moderately skilled players improve on their fighting game skills.

And that’s exactly why we have the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, to keep topics like that out of FGD. Even then, whining and crying topics are heavily frowned upon and usually members take it upon themselves in NSD to try and work with the TC to try lose the negative stigma and help them to improve as a player. That and topic titles are edited in those cases. But in reality, if you see topics like that please do not hesitate to let the proper moderators know so it can be moved.



Yeah, you’re right. That was wrong of me to do… Two wrongs don’t make a right. My apologies, I should change the name.

@Tech Romancer

I’m not trolling. I’m quite serious good sir.

“I’ll take care of this”


if he were trolling he’d have responded to more people

We have a winner!

fwiw guys the op of this thread helped create the fgd lounge

Nah dawg, we need to be talking about how SFIV is bad

cuz we is SRK.


Alright, I’m not gonna lie. I thought this was pretty funny… Still Hermit, what do you truly think of SRK’s train of though?

SRK is a frame-based hive mind

That has to tier everything. :lol:

Because that’s how the internet works.

SRK forums are a lot like wrestling forums

Yo. I’m Siberianhusky89, erm… TerryBogard here "^^ (He’s one of my favorite SNK characters). Anyhow, I met DarkGeese on Youtube and he informed me of the site. It’s awesome to be here and I hope I can help and get helped. I’m very courteous too. Beats the crap out of someone Are you okay?

On a site with so many ppl, there’s bound to be idiocy and spamming. It’s about that simple.

implying the repetition you see among posts is the fault of the people posting them and not just your brain recognizing patterns like it’s supposed to

this thread is heated yo lool