Why do the SRK forums suck so much and why haven't they fixed it?

Obviously SRK has had this new layout for weeks/months now and there are many complaints about it. Some I can overlook like the annoying ad bar at the bottom of the screen. I managed to remove it using adblock on chrome but for some reason firefox shows it.

One thing that is just laziness on the developer’s end is how signing in is such a chore. Most of the time when signing in or navigating pages, I am faced with a white screen and when I try to refresh nothing happens. Sometimes it will tell me to delete my cookies and it will work for like 1 minute. It’s definitely not my connection because I can watch a 720p youtube video without it having to buffer. I also love how posting a comment takes forever and sometimes it doesn’t post and just forget about editing comments.

How come the site’s developers aren’t getting off their lazy asses and fixing it? Honestly, whoever is in charge of maintaining the site should be replaced ASAP. If it’s Kineda then all the better.


Why didn’t your lazy ass post there is beyond me…

did kineda spit in your drink at a tournament or somethin

i’m genuinely curious as to what your beef with him is

Honestly, I tried to go there but it took forever to load. I then clicked on random forums to see which ones would load and the general discussions was the only one that loaded in less than 2 minutes. I then said “fuck this, close enough”. If a mod would care to move it there be my guest, you’ll probably have more luck than me.

Another complaint: I love how clicking on a forum will sometimes just refresh the page you are currently on. Seriously are you guys just hiring community college graduates for your web dev team or something?

I use Chrome and i haven’t run into any of these problems.

I too use Chrome and haven’t hit any snags. The worst thing that has happened is the Captain America ad plays with the volume on.

It’s okay when I’m not signed in but once I sign in, it just turns to shit.

Maybe it’s you bro. No one else has even hinted at the types of issues your experiencing.

Your monkey ass should know better.

I don’t have any of the problems mentioned either. maybe it’s exclusive to this guy.

then again, I only check this forum for now

If you wanna make SRK better, kick out 99% of the people who post here and IP ban them.

Lets start with you.

I just think it’s funny how everything runs smoothly at first but once I sign in, it’s like the forum flipped the derp switch. I just tried to sign out twice and both times an error message pops up. This doesn’t happen anywhere else I go and doesn’t change for any other browser.

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Yeah I used to visit the site every day or at least every other day. Now it’s like… once or twice a week. Can’t stand the new layout.

I’m using chrome too and I don’t have these kind of problems. Sure it’s not just you?

Assumptions like this annoy the hell out of me. Just because youtube works on your shit doesn’t mean SRK is going to work on your shit. General consensus here is that nobody else is having this problem, so it’s definitely YOUR shit.

yeah… i love how you come on here to shit on srk forum devs for supposedly failing when the problem is CLEARLY on your end. fix your shit.

Wrong section, fix your shit, heard it before. Choose your reason for closing this thread.