Why do this man in thong never done any flashy combos in matches?



yeah why ??

like corner combos … eer c.hp , KILL , lp , mp , CRUSH CRUSH !! TYRANT PUNISH !!

etc etc etc …

but instead ublockables :frowning:





My neighbor has rabbits




I say, good show, old boy


just when you thought the 12 hit ken combo thread was the worst topic ever made…


:wasted: :wasted: :wasted:


SHOT SHOT SUPAH!! ^_____________________________________________^


urine best man


how to do a combo with TS on crouching opponent …

all i do was jump-in RH XX tyrant-punish …

scrbby , i know …


heheh tyrant punish i belive i am quoting somoen when i say “Tyrant punish is the poor man’s Aegis”

heheh all you need to do man is Piledriver throw LP Aegis, headbutt to hop over the guy and attack. There is a easy unlblockable setup. Even better try this C.HP (one hit) xx MP fireball xx Aegis s.LP Headbutt blah blah blah.

And you say he does nothing flashy.

you telling me linking crush after crush cancel into aegis more crushing aegis more cruhsing groudn slam isnt falshy… man this thread deserves to get flamed.