Why do throws miss when opponent crouches?

It seems to happen a lot to me. The opponent happens to crouch right at the time of a grab and the grab seems to straight up whiff, not only on wakeup just randomly. Whats going on?

Maybe some characters have a smaller crouch hitbox? I’m not even sure though, since typically what I found in training mode was that characters actually had a wider hitbox while crouching. For example, I could throw Cr. Balrog after two jabs with Chun Li, while I needed to take a step forward if he was standing.

The other thing you should be aware of is that your opponent will have a few frames of throw invulnerability while waking up, or exiting hit/block stun. I don’t know how many frames it is, but I’ve heard 2F tossed around once or twice and I think that sounds pretty accurate. So if you’re doing tick throws, you might just have to delay them a little more.

Which game? In Street Fighter normal throws should always connect on crouching opponents. You might be mistiming your throw.

if it’s sf4 then you’re probably throwing when they’re still waking up or in hit/block stun

This really sounds like VF5 to me, well the early version B/C build at least where you could crouch right before an attack to avoid a throw (I forget the name of the technique, I know the fixed it in VF5R and FS)

Otherwise, if it’s sf4 the opponent might be walking back then crouching or you’re not walking close enough. Crouching out of throws would game breaking and everyone would be doing it, so you might be just doing it wrong