Why do UMvC3 players do this?

i hate when people pick iceman/doom/blackheart, i mean iceman doesnt even take chip damage

I play UMVC3 online all the time, as the only friends i have to play with offline do not take their game seriously. So i don’t get any better or learn anything, by running a truck over them with the same old tactics.

Online is all i have to get exposed to a much larger pool of players. This is how i get better and learn match-ups.

And 80%-90% of the time the netcode is fine.

y doss doctah d00m fut dieve me? :’(

Number 4 brought back some fun memories of Day 1 Sentinel.

I could have sworn I was on SRK just a second ago. Apparently I accidentally signed into gamefaqs.

So niggas can’t combo no more?


Level up. That’s the point of SRK.

Officially, /thread.