Why do you guys still bother with GD?


GD is seriously dead. Hell, even March 2012 was more active than this.

The place has turned into nothing but mega threads and ITN thrads.

this place isn’t funny anymore, and now that the new forums software made this site unvisitable, this palce IS DEAD!


THIS palce is dead!!!

Wait, wut is a palce?


Well, there is still the occasional troll thread and the subsequent name calling.
That’s always fun.


Why is it always unfunny people who complain that a forum is no longer making them laugh?


I come here because theres this cute guy whos number im trying to get <3


pm sent. all you had to do was ask


Good question, how about you leave first?


only if they revert back to vbulletin


the dream is dead.


because, even though this years’ GD is at only about 30% of last years’, it still shits all over OTT


I come here to remind the little people (aka Shaft Agent) that I am still the resident Sexual Deviant


Because it still manages to be more interesting and dynamic than my Facebook feed.


Because I am addicted to being aspersive toward anonymous assholes over the internet.


Why do people who get banned keep coming back?

(A. That’s the point of Roshihikari, yeah I know but “he’s a genius”)


What do you deviate from, exactly? Aside from the involuntary abstinence practiced by most of the people here, I mean.


Why is he still here?


Seems more like fmabb is the sexual deviant giving no fucks about std infections or bastard kids

Sovi3t just fucks a lot of obese women


have those GD awards even been done the past couple years? seems like a few voting threads pop up, then disappear and everyone forgets


It has been a while since i saw the last one.
If a GD awrds happen again, i want to nominate Nickguy as the worst 09’er ever :(|)


what’[s with the monkey emote? are you trying to imply all black people are apes?

you are a vicious racist wtf