Why do you like or hate Smash?

I like smash because:

  1. I like how the combos work. Unlike other fighting games which have canned in combos that work 100% of the time, combos in Smash vary depending on character weight, size, falling speed, percentage, how well the player DI’s, and the stage that you’re playing on. So it’s more improvised and reaction based than memory based.

  2. I like how stages have a really big effect on matches. Depending on the character you’re playing as and the character your opponent is playing as you may want a small stage, large stage, a stage with lots of platforms, a stage with a little amount of platforms, a stage with walk of ledges, a stage with low ceilings, a stage with walls, etc. This means that you don’t just get to counter pick characters but stages as well.

  3. I like how the whole fighting engine works. Replacing the health meter with a percentage meter and having KO’s revolve around knocking people off the stage instead of running their health out brings a very unique style to the game. I also like how attacks and actions are really simple to perform, so players can focus more on the strategy than the execution(which is more of the case for Brawl than it was for Melee).

I hate smash because:

  1. I hate the overall randomness that can go on with the game. This includes items, certain stages, certain attacks, and now tripping.

  2. I hate how imbalanced the game can be. Melee had a very bad case with a heavily unbalanced roster, I’m simply hoping Brawl balances out a bit better. Sadly though some characters are already developing much faster than others, and have some pretty clear advantages. But only time will tell how everything will span out.

Now I’d like to here what y’all like or hate about smash.

I’m pretty sure everyone willing to post on this forum likes smash.

I don’t get the point of this thread, because I highly doubt someone would have the mindset to post on a smash brothers forum about why he hates smash. And even if someone did what then? do you flame them for replying to your thread in the first place?:rolleyes:

Personally, I’m more than willing to post what I don’t like about smash. Smash has its ups and downs, for sure.

The Good Side: Easy to pick up, lots of fun, incredibly hilarious casuals, and the most laughs I’ve ever gotten out of a video game.

The Bad Side: As a competitive game, it often has issues: for good reasons and not, players often want to turn large numbers of stages and items off, and take it back down to the level of a “traditional” fighter. As a traditional fighter…Smash fails. Smash is a platformer (in a very Kirby style) with a vs mode. This is what makes it awesome. Even with a bunch of stuff turned off…that’s still what the game is.

Personally, I’ll play any stage, even in a serious match. Items…some shit really does need to get turned off unless you’re playing in total lulz mode. Even my casuals turn off stars, and often healing items, and sometimes hammers go too. Usually hammers stay though, because they really are a mixed blessing and get you killed as often as not.

Favourite stage? Rainbow Cruise, muthafuckers, and I’ve won matches vs good people on it with Bowser in Melee. Not that I’d try that again, but he’s better on that stage than he looks. Honestly I think it’s one of D3’s best stages now.

I HATE SMASH BECAUSE: No one would give a shit about it minus all the fanboy characters.

Well if you noticed I have reasons for liking and hating smash, and I feel most people do also. And I don’t advocate flaming, it’s too time consuming.

D3 does much better on stages with walk off ledges and walls.

Well considering that I play smash more for the large competitive scene instead of the fanboyism I guess this doesn’t apply to me.

Because it’s fun :lovin:

I have an emotional investment in this series. When I was a kid, I played against a few of my closest friends on the 64 version. It’s unfortunate, but I’m no longer in contact with those childhood friends. Some shitty things have happened to a few of them. When Melee hit, I wound up moving to Texas. In high school, I wound up meeting several new friends due to our similar interests, Melee especially. Those friends I’m still in contact with. We shared much of our lives together, the joy of gaming and of adolescent life, along with our darkest secrets and our deepest shames. With Brawl and its Internet play, I hope to meet many new people. I’ve already played with several of them. I hope Brawl will strengthen the bonds I have with my friends from high school, and now that I moved back to Jersey, I hope to reconnect with some of the people I’ve fell out of touch with.

I love Smash because its all of my precious, painful memories distilled into one experience.

I’m gona second some points already mentioned, from say Bowling Pin above or Kuprin. I’ve barely played Brawl and have not ever played in a SS tournament at all lol, so take my points from a casual/lack of knowledge standpoint.

The Good:

I too shared many good times with friends in the past with the 64 one and Melee, but it was strictly casual.

The game is incredibly easy to pick up the basics, which is very inviting to newcomers. You can learn an entire moveset in one set of play. Learning the physics is more daunting than the execution really. (Not saying there isn’t the technical stuff to be learned but to get started, it’s not needed).

Regardless of how you play the game, there really is a substantial amount you must ‘learn’ to become a ‘good’ player.

Sometimes I’m not sure why, but it’s just fun. It’s lighthearted in appearance and upbeat, maybe that’s why? I don’t know, but it’s just fun.

The cast seems more varied this go around versus Melee, but we’ll see how many are truly used for tournaments.

Like I said, I’m not Smash guru, but Brawl seems a lot more ground combat oriented, or ground combat is more beneficial. Especially with so many having good A,A,A strings. That really appeals to me.

The Bad:

Really just the ambiguity and split in the community. Example, I know this game is new but man, watching the debates over standard rules of acceptance is almost giving me a headache.

Tripping. I don’t see it being a truly huge problem or anything that will stop competitive play, but the idea of randomly punishing someone is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of. I understand it prevents people from mindlessly dashing with the idea of it potentially happening, but that’s whack.

Lastly, the image. Maybe I’m more petty than I thought. I’m highly competitive and generally want to become the best I can be in whatever it is I do. Example, I want to become a top player in VF. But with Smash, I don’t feel that sort of pull. Like, it just doesn’t seem ‘cool’ to me to become the best at the game lol. That might change the more I learn about the community and the game but for now that’s how I feel.

Tripping happens at the WORST times =/

oh wow is it random? i always thought i was just slipping on a random banana peel.

Played smash with my cousin since we were kids to now. cant wait to see him when he visets from philly:lovin::lovin:

love smash because of: fox being magneto
hate smash because of: marth being team scrub =(

My likes:

  • No wave-dashing or L-cancelling to have to program into my muscle memory
  • Alot of characters that jive with how I play, either new or reworked from Melee
  • Lots of cool new stages
  • Like Melee, Brawl will last me and the three people I play it with IRL for years to come

My dislikes:

  • SSE. I will never touch that garbage boring-ass POS mode again. What a waste of my time. If I ever do accidentally lose my save file I am playing 450 matches to unlock the characters again, rather than playing SSE.
  • Speaking of saves, it is absolute horseshit that the game save cannot be copied. Is there any unofficial way around this?
  • I don’t like tripping. Yes, I take into account the fact that everytime I dash I might trip, and try not to dash in situations where a trip would fuck me up. That doesn’t mean I like that this feature that CANNOT BE TURNED OFF one single bit.
  • I don’t like having to unlock characters, stages, or stage builder parts. Brawl has enough unlockable stuff in the music, trophies, stickers, memorabilia, etc. to give those who want to work towards something plenty to do, without depriving me of the chance to play Wolf, Toon Link, etc. on any stage I want when I first power on the game.
  • I hate that I don’t have the option to choose between Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 and 1-2. Personally, I really like 1-2, and not so fond of 1-1. The same complaint applies to the Spear Pillar variants.
  • Why couldn’t all of the Melee stages have returned? I miss Fourside…
  • I wish Final Smashes were governed by some sort of meter system instead of Smash Balls. I want to see supers colliding with each other in FFA mayhem.
  • I wish that Roy and Pichu weren’t cut. Though, admittedly, Ike is like the ultimate Roy. :rofl:

It is entirely possible to like a game and yet recognize its flaws.

It is even entirely possible to like a game and still think it’s a bad game. Not that Brawl is a bad game. I love it. But I’ve got my gripes, and so do others. Nothing wrong with bringing those gripes to light.

You mean like MvC2?

I agree with most of this post except what you said about it failing as a traditional fighter and being primarily a platformer that’s just being ignorant especially since the opposite is true, I doubt anyone bought brawl for SSE:rofl:.

Brawl like melee can be just as competitively viable as mvc2, 3s, or any other popular fighter we just have to find the right settings, look at melee it was done with final destination no items, does that make it less “fun” yes but it also makes it legitimately equal for both players. Brawl has new levels, new items, smash balls, new characters and everything must be tested before we decide to eliminate anything. Nasir setup the tournament for that exact reason because we want to eliminate as little as possible while keeping the game “fair” so now we’re in the process of deciding what exactly “Fair” settings for brawl are.

What I like about brawl:

-completely different then a traditional 2d fighter and yet it still works
-huge cast that’s very balanced for the most part (extremely hard to do yet sakurai pulled it off:tup:)
-It can be played competitively or casually like any other 2d fighter but either way it’s still hella fun
-Ton of options/customization
-lots of well designed and crazyass levels
-great mechanics
-items/smash balls

  • no WD or l canceling
    -gdlke replay value

what i don’t like:

-unlocking characters n levels:tdown:
-1% chance of randomly tripping anytime

I don’t consider losing from an item or design of a stage a flaw because as of now we can’t take brawl seriously since the settings for serious play are still being ironed out so any “unfair” loss i get i chalk up to the silliness of casual play.

As boring as SSE is it shouldn’t be considered a negative aspect of the game as a whole because we all bought brawl for the multiplayer, the SSE is just an extra.


Fun to pick up and play, especially with friends who are only casually into fighting games.
Everyones moves are the same, so learning a new character is basically just figuring out the best way to use the moves instead of memorizing motions.


Unbalanced roster.
Sonic is turning out to be hot garbage.

I unlocked everyone in like 10 hours.

I like it because it supports four players, is easy to pick-up, has very flexible rules, and is just plain fun.

I hate it because it’s unbalanced, it’s too random, and it usually turns into doge-dodge-dodge-hit-dodge-dodge-dodge.

I also hate having to unlock stuff. I bought the game for multiplayer, not to trudge through the boring story mode.

I love Smash, but what I do hate in Brawl is the needless tripping, floatiness, and priority problems of half the cast. Some characters have way too little priority and some don’t have enough.

I love: The large cast of characters. The fact that alot of characters are good this time around. better graphics. Sonic the hedgehog. Snake.

I hate: Tripping. Sonic sucks. Snake is broken. Tripping. Camping is overpowered. Tripping. Jiggs can easily camp the ledge on FD and very few characters can stop her. Tripping. Zelda can camp the checkpoints on Green Hill Zone and it’s impossible for anyone in the game to stop her. Tripping. Too many broken strats in this game.