Why do you love or play Rose?



To be honest i stumbled on Rose not because i liked her or because i even knew her,it was fate (lol) After i made the transition from pad to stick i couldnt play with my old characters. This is where i stumbled on Rose,she was very basic and thought to myself i’ll learn using the stick with her. Thats where it all started.

I believe the name of the game is footies and spacing and Rose excels in both department. I love those. Rose can play lame or rush down. Plasma characters respects you (sagat)lol. Frame traps ,god sent slide ,Psychic powers imo and has Ouroboros(strider’s lv 3) . Because of Rose i can tell the future.

Share your reasons!


It’s like capcom designed a character just for me. If i could create a character to suit me perfectly it would be her

  • mobility
  • pokes
  • AAs
  • utility
  • fun
  • Italian
  • Has ties to Bison

in that order.


She runs in heels.


She’s the only character I can play.

Simple as that lol.

But she’s fabulous… and I’m fabulous… so there is a connection there, right?


-I dig her design
-Forward-advancing special move
-Those dashes mmm

  • Slide
  • Throw
  • c.HP
  • s.HK
  • s.MK
  • f.HK
  • U2

And the intangibles, walk/dash speed.

She’s the perfect character for me, pure mindgames/pokes, no gimmicks to learn to use her completely. If only Hibiki was in any other game…


I first tried her back in vanilla. Since I was a super scrub back then, I couldn’t wrap my head around how to play my SF2 favorites being Guile, Sim, and Blanka. (Like I can’t hold back and get stretchy arms, Sim??? And I can’t win with just straight ball, Blanka???) Lo and behold Rose; The character I see being a delicate combination of those three, without quite as much execution required. Don’t get me wrong, I lost a lot back in those days, but I feel like I’d have done worse if I stuck with Guile online. At least Rose’s ultra 1 was capable of anti air compared to Guile’s; plus not being a charge command was a big bonus in lagging environments.

Also back in those days, there were countless Ken, Ryu, Akuma and Sagat scrubs, and I felt Rose was my best chance against jumpy runaway flowchart bullshit, without resorting to a DP character or everyone’s favorite top tier. I knew I was improving when, in a match like that, I could see** I have the life lead**, and therefore I don’t have to keep chasing them. Rose is so ready to play that lame game as long as you don’t mind winning with time-overs and a lot of c.HP/reflects/taunts.

Lastly, knowing that the game was going to be a challenge to learn, regardless of character pick, I stuck with Rose because she was so unpopular, and I wanted to be one of the few and brave willing to try her out and represent. It was a lot of fun when there were so few of us, and nobody really knew how to play Rose yet. It’s like every new discovery for me, was an actual new discovery. and the discoveries became so much more satisfactory when applied to future matches.

Edit: I’m betting the OP had a good fight right before making this thread… :lol:


Rose (Anton) told me to. ;p

But besides that, I really like that she’s forcing me to learn the game and play it properly instead of just being gimmicky to make up for a lack of fundamentals.


Why of course. Large bouncy blue balls!

And she plays similar to Chun.


I picked Rose up on the suggestion of a couple of local players, in response to the character crisis I underwent shortly after attempting to step up from my casual, play-twice-a-month-at-local(ish)-fight-nights, level (something I’m still trying to do, but hey…). I suspect they may have seen how defensively my Ryu played before making the recommendation, but there you go… :slight_smile:

I’d say this, too - you really have to be able to do the ‘simple’ things very well as Rose. I know I won more matches with my scrubby Ken, but I play (or try to, at least) better as Rose.

And she’s from Street Fighter Alpha, too…



Gypsy magic!


Also lol


Rose is a wise, kind character. She’s calm and intelligent. I love characters with psychic powers or magic, and she’s like the “mage” of Street Fighter. She fights elegantly with her scarf. Her character design is great, though I thought her hair was weird. Fortune tellers, gypsies and tarot cards are cool. Her playstyle suits me perfectly. I could go on and on.


I play her because she requires patients and has offensive tools when she has an opportunity. I really like her sp moves… she has a really good back dash and unique ultra 2 that you use for spacing, pokes and a really good normal as an AA


to be honest, it was all the flashing colors at first. Her U1 shocking people looked really cool to me. SFIV was the first game I really started playing a lot and she just kind of stuck since the start of it. Now I like her for many more reasons like her u2, reflects, etc


I played Ryu, Chun, and Cammy in ST, but there’s things about each of them that made me not want to commit. You add those three together and you have Rose…and since Alpha 1 I havent looked back(except for Karin)


'Dem boobies.


I like that she has so little recovery on all of her normals, so you can keep pressin dem buttons.


as a matter of fact I find Rose rather unique when we look at her frame data
while its true she doesnt have crazy advantages on hit and prevents her of can linking stuff like shotos or other characters she is rather safe from the majority of her normals on block. Most of her normals are like either -3 at worst (with the exception of far HP / cr.HP / cr.HK who are -5 / -15 / -10 respectively) and +1 on block. Which is IMO very good


I started using her in Super because I thought Soul Satellite was awesome. I decided to main her because of cl MK.