Why do you main Akuma?

All other characters seem to have it so why not Akuma…even though it is obvious why people take him.

The first time I took him was mainly because he was so badass and cool-looking. I decided to make him my main because of that. But then I started getting my ass handed over to me by Ken because of the huge damage Akuma takes and my ignorance on when to use his demons. I shifted characters but I decided to come back to Akuma and try him again. And glad I sticked with him. He has devastating moves and amazing normals. And his huge list of moves make him such a versatile character.

But the actual reason I main him is because of the thrill I get when I play him. His health is so low that you know that if you make a mistake, you pay for it big time. So even when I play with my friends whom I have beaten umpteen times with Akuma, I still get an adrenaline rush.

Oh and the second reason - the mind games and traps (demon traps, baby) I can play on my opponent with AKuma.

I didn’t really know too much about Akuma before. I actually unlocked him by accident, as in just playing, beating Seth (on super retarded easy), and he popped out. I was playing as Ryu since I was a noob. I tried him and liked his teleport ability and his ultra and how much damage it did. Then I just focused on learning him, and have stuck with him since. Basically, I just like him more than anyone else.

Dude he wears sandals, he’s ok in my books.

…combos, far HK, fast movement, rushdown options and character design.

the fact that he’s always pissed off is a +. the same reason i like bison, i just like pissed off characters.

I initially thought the air fireballs were cool back on the dreamcast. Now he’s just my go to guy.

Despite not really playing street fighter since SF2, I knew of akuma and like his big move list, I also see it to be more challenging playing as him because of his low stamina compared to other characters, especially as I like to play Rushdown akuma most of the time, plus I am quite impatient making it even more of a challenge.

Because he looks like a super saiyan of course…

i first saw him in alpha 3 and i liked the fact he had the dark hado =) and he looks better then all the other characters imo…and better moves

Because of his sexy combos, and because he has a lot of potential but is fairly difficult to use effectively. Pick-up-and-play top tier characters are boring.

He’s been my favorite character since I was a kid. I love his character. The spikey unkempt hair. The red eyes. The raging demon. The manly quotes. He’s just the man.

couldnt have explained it any better

I played yun in 3s (still do really) and Akuma felt like a natural transition. Gootecks recommended Rufus for yun players coming from 3s, but I just hated that character. I really tried to force myself to use him but he just didn’t feel right. I almost quit sf4 because of that character. I stumbled upon momochi’s (used to be a yun player) videos and fell in love with his akuma. Picked him up and he feels much better, much more my style than rufus.

Played him since Alpha and wont play any other.

Loved Akuma since the vs series when I did Shun Goku Satsu in 4th grade, I like his dark style and his Demonic quotes. Hes cool, he has more options than anybody, and he’s on a whole new level when played right.

I still don’t know who my main is yet. But Akuma is my favorite character to play right now. Ken was my main in ST, but he has such a shit stigma following him around now(plus he kinda sucks), I decided to try someone else.

I like Akuma because he has a nice bag of tricks. I like being able to switch gears in the middle of a round or set, and go from a defensive strategy to rushdown tactics or vice-versa. I find that this throws some people off, especially if you condition them for a while, then “boom wtf just happened”.

His combos are fun, and his DP and HK are devastating.

Now when I bounce back to the other shotos I feel like I’m missing a lot of useful tools, and I feel limited, despite have more health.

Loved him since Alpha.
Air fireball, teleport, big damage combos that look flashy, a unique ultra, ability to be played multiple ways, and he’s one of the all-time best SF character designs.


I used akuma in , cant remember which alpha (the one on SNES), 'cause I thought hey, this guy is cool, he’s like a ryu with air fireballs, and he grunts and makes funny noises on attacks instead of screaming ___________KEEEEN.

So I picked him, and started with him straight up in sf4.

his name backwards is amuka

He has the perfect tools for SF4.

Multi-hitting FBs at the cost of no meter to take out moves with armor, air fireballs to zone, big damaging combos, and teleport to run away when in danger.

So he takes more damage, big deal. If you can’t touch me, you can’t beat me!