Why do you main E Honda?

Why do you main this sumo wrestler? I am someone who usually can’t settle on a main character but I keep coming back to him. My reasons are

  1. He simply feels right, his weight, his normals (especially his nj. fierce), and the way he can be aggressive and random, and also patient.
  2. He is not a mixup character, but can mix people up. I find characters like seth who are just “remember this mixup, do random shit” boring to play, but I also find that characters like balrog who have no mixups at all slightly too dull. E honda has the perfect mix because he has that wonderful command grab.
  3. He has the best japanese voice actor
  4. I LOVE hands. When I first got the game, I thought that E Honda seemed like a really cool character, but I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do his long combos on pad (I didn’t realise that there were players like stev0, lol). Anyway when I got a stick the first thing I did was learn how to piano. To this day something about HHS still satisfies me - and I may sound weird when I say this, but I love it when people block HHS, I’m not sure why but the combined effects of the blocking animation, blocking sound and e honda’s jp voice make it my favourite thing to do ever.
  5. This may sound weird as well, but I enjoy a character who has matchups, if you know what I mean. I like that fact that you have to study what to do against certain characters, I think it adds a lot more fun to the game, instead of using seth and just going herp derp, basically do the same thing against each character.
  6. I am half english half japanese, and when I was younger I went with my family whilst on holiday in japan to see the finals of a sumo tournament (to see who would be the yokozuna?) and i thought sumo was really cool.

Anyway, that was a long post

Didn’t have a console at the time.

First Vanilla tournament I went to I wanted to play as Rose, but she wasn’t unlocked.

Just used Honda because he’d be easy to use.

Keep trying to change main, keep going back to him.

He did click on me. High damage, easy combos, a command grab for opening people and messing their minds, invincible get the fuck off me moves and attitude.

Because Handslaps was the coolest special in ST and it’s still the coolest special now.

i like sumo irl.
hands, of course.
taunt #7.
everyone sleeps on him anymore.
hes beastmode.
i used him in 2 when i was young.
first stick character.
ultra 1 is coolest looking ult in game. (beating out t hawk ultra 2)
if you land ultra 1, you win.
i could go on but i have things to do.

Is that why you play gen as well? I saw you in an endless lobby

Probably yh, i was able to do his hands move so i gave him a shot, he’s a really cool character.

I played him since sf2, I don’t know, he is a really cool and unique character, one of my favourites. His hhs are really nice, and he also fists my defensive style perfectly. Great character.

Because the look on someone’s face after they get hit by jump forward fierce into jab hands is priceless.

Getting those jewelman combos down and making them shit their pants once you land one.

I started playing with him a few weeks ago, I picked him up because I used to be a Juri main and he is her worst match-up. Mainly just to study him. I enjoyed playing with him and other charge characters that I haven’t really moved back to Juri.

Steve H suggested it to me.
Took him online and had a blast, even without knowing what I was doing.

It’s amazing how effective crossup splash, Oicho is online lol.

I main Honda due to Mike Ross. Mike Ross entertained me so much that it got me into the fighting scene and of course took Honda as main. That and easy high dmg combos.

I main Honda due to Mike Ross and Kusumondo (ST). They make a typically defensive character into one of the funnest offensive characters. I just feel so satisfied as a human being landing an ochiyo :slight_smile:

The sound of each of his hands hitting in Ultra 1 is pure sex; orgasmic if it wins you the round.

  1. I used him in SSF2THDR after years of ignoring him in other versions, and loved him.<br><br>2. Mike “Mike Ross” Ross.<br><br>3. He’s the best Combo Grappler in the game. Zangief has little to any combos, T. Hawk is too slow and Hakan is too awkward & predictable.<br>