Why do YOU need feminism?


While looking at various dastardly things on the internet, I came across this most interesting thing:

They follow it up by posting trendy pictures like:




So SRK, why do you need feminism.


Kid with glasses is pussy-whipped or gay.

And no one needs femenism.


why are 12 year olds looking at porn


Man I wanted to post something sarcastic but goddamn I can’t think of anything that can beat that dude’s sign.


Because some of us had that one dirty friend who had access to stuff.

I need feminism because at 12 porn taught me how awesome it is to see women kissing; hopefully feminism will empower the hot lesbians to make out in public.


that nigga needs better parents :coffee:


I need feminism because I don’t want an evil red-headed woman sitting home on the couch all day eating Bonbons and watching Oprah while I slave away for behemoths at a ladies’ shoe store.


I need Feminism because I am a masochist and I fucking love when I get talked down to during foreplay.


In 7th grade we got a new kid in our class who would come to school with a brief case. He had hella porn in it and would sell subscriptions to his service for printout of spice girls nudes and random shit.

He needed feminism to empower women’s sexuality so that they would pose nude in front of camera. This would lead to him using technology to spread the knowledge of feminism to other people for a nominal fee.


opens thread

…words escape me.


wait…is that harry potter???


Did Feminism accomplish anything of note? The goal of feminism seemed to be to raise the media’s depiction of women and then female empowerment, I think? And empowerment depends on the culture more than anything else. The effects of Feminism are very debatable.

The whole anti-porn movement is from Andrea Dworkin who basically represents the fascist side of Feminism. Her ideas were so extreme and out of touch that some Feminists (wisely) ignore her side of the argument. Unless you’re in favor a female-only state where men are castrated on the spot.


Porn is most popular among 12 year olds who jizz their pants after a gentle breeze, or old married men who’d never get a glimpse of young naked women otherwise.

I need feminism to win arguments, or even elections to public office, because what better way to top a cogent argument than to find a reason to be extremely offended and imply the other person must condone rape, or might be a woman-beater himself. I mean, World War II was a really really long time ago, so Godwin’s Law has lost a bit of its sting these days.


I need the feminist movement to be around so that I can tell my future son a scary story about the monsters who live underneath his bed.


Is this a serious question?


More rhetorical. I honestly don’t think Feminism accomplished very much.


Feminism got me girls in tanktops playing soccer in front of college.

Did feminism do tomboys as well?

If so, Zod bless feminism.


Im more of an A-ism player myself


Right to vote, property ownership, eliminating occupational barriers, equal pay, reproductive rights that give access to contraceptives and abortions, maternity leave, etc.


because Marvel 3 sucks