Why do you play Dante?



He’s fast
Long and very damaging combos
Has lots of moves


Because he has all of the options and they’re all good :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

Also, because he’s ridiculously fun. Good and fun? easy pick :tup:


One reason I wanted to use Dante was because I wanted to pair him up with Trish to make a DMC team haha. But the major reason is at first, when everyone was doing Dante’s basic stuff, I wrongly assumed there wasn’t a lot to him and that he was boring. Then I saw Isedelica’s later Dante combos and I though “this is it, this is the shit right here.”

And so I picked up Dante. Best choice I ever made since Dante is just absurdly strong lol. He’s also very fun and I think he’s pretty cool.


because he has flashy combos


Maybe in the sense that he can be everywhere at once, but not in the sense that his attacks come out quickly. He is the only character in the game that does not have an attack that is faster than 8 frames. Additionally, he has much slower than average startup on his normals, some of the slowest startups on his projectiles, and the slowest jumping S in the game (23 frames, 2nd being Sentinel at 18). And his 1 frame ground throws are uncombo-able (not to mention his air throw is hard to combo after).

That being said, he is amazing. I play him because he’s BA and he has practically every tool imaginable available to him, with the exception of not having a command throw or usable techable throw. I’m a fan of the DMC series. I’ve been playing him since day 1 and he’s the only character on my team I have never seriously considered dropping.


Because Dante can and will do Touch of Death combos so long as he’s got enough super meter in him.


Jam Session assist: I hate this game’s vertical scrolling, so whenever anyone super jumps, I just tell Dante to bring them back down to where I can see my character.


am i the only guy who picked dante just because he was such a badass in devil may cry 3 or 4? like wtf. him being ridiculously good was just an added bonus to me.


I’m with D_Dollars, I picked him because he’s my favorite video game character of all time.


Ryuga specifically mentioned wanting a DMC-themed team and I specifically mentioned that he was both bad-ass and that I liked the Devil May Cry series… As I mentioned before, I’ve been playing him since day one (reason I tried him on day 1 is b/c I’m a fan of the series).


nope, im another one who decided to main him soley on the purpose of how awesome he is in DMC3 (not so much 4) and i am soo glad they went with his DMC3 version as he is a complete bad ass in that. I think DMC games are some of my faves, not to mention dmc4 is one of the 2 games that i have 1000 gamerscore on.

no amount of people complaining how cheap he is or the amount of flowcharts you might see online will stop me from playing him. and yea the fact that he is actually good in the game as well is merely a bonus.


Because hes deep.


hey 10 stars, I saw you on the break congrats. You think your team is better w/o DHC setup? Cuz in finals you ran Dante on point.

And I play dante cuz he’s badass!!!


I always run dante point x23 second. Dhc glitches are nice and all, but dante full combo > x23 dhc > tron dhc kills everyone in the game. And then if i land a hit with tron or x23 while they’re on point and shouldnt be i use it.

I honestly forsee the dhc glitch being patched out, its really broken. So i don’t want to become dependent on it when i dont need it, like alot of players are already doing.


Yeah, I agree about the glitch being broken, and will probably be patched. I don’t mind it though, but I don’t want to be reliant. lol I thought you ran x23 on point for some reason.


back awhile ago when the game first came out i was. that was when i was still running with doom assist.


Good shit man, I decided the same thing. That color match should be fun whenever we do it, I expect you to be NJ’s best by then alright?


Style, style, style


Because Nero isn’t in the game…and he’s undeniably cool and did i mention i love long combos? pretty much a no brainer


Are you saying your Dante combo does 900k before DHCs? I’m not familiar with the full scaled damage of X-23 and Tron’s hypers, but most are around 170k to 180k, and I’m curious as to what is adding that extra damage. I was hyped last night when I changed one of my assists and was able to get my BnB to do 815k before DHCs, but I don’t see how I can squeeze any more damage into the combo I’m using…

I also use Dante on point with your mentality of “why use the DHC glitch when I can kill you without it”. However, while the DHC glitch is my only gameplay complaint about this game, I do not think it is likely to be fixed. The glitch has been known since before the Sentinel nerf and is still unpatched, so I’m afraid that it may be something that they are not able to patch. I haven’t given up hope, but if the next patch doesn’t fix it, I’ll be convinced that it’s unfixable.