Why do you Play Deadpool?



Someone made a thread like this in the sentinal section so I made one here
He’s Cool
Great Keep-Away


He has been my favorite marvel character for a long time now, his moves are funny and can be quite damaging.


I think overall Deadpool is a pretty weak charcter in comparison to a lot of others in the game. Despite his better than average zoning capabilities he aint that great.

But I still main him just because I love the character and have been reading his stuff for a while now.


Well, it’s Deadpool. He’s character in the comics is awesome and I find it cool how Capcom has so successfully capture his fighting style from the comics into the game: fast, quippy, annoying to everyone else. Shame he’s not as good as some characters, but he’s a lot of fun to play and looking forward to see what everyone that plays him comes up with.


He’s a weak character imo, but he’s got swag so meh.


His forwards walk is the greatest animation in figting game history.


It’s because he’s swagtastic.


His walk back animation + assists which covers / puts traps in the screen = The greatest trolling attempt of the universe.

To be honest, I do not like rushdown characters myself, and I thought Deadpool was one, until I picked him (through random panel) and give him a try.

He feels like a chris-arthur hybrid to me :D.


Yah best voice and character animations in a fighting game, I giggle every time he is walking back and forth. I have also been a fan since he was created way back in New Mutants.




He cracks me up! Im a goofy guy so I can appreciate his humor while fighting!


Moonwalk = win!


Hunter combos
more than avg life!

haha, plus have u ever heard of game called street fighter? SHORYUKEN!

I like him! i think most who play deadpool actually like him! and wouldn’t matter what teir he is!
he has a lot of options and ez combos plus the bola loop… lmao, I still can QW loop :frowning:

He is an awesome character thats funny, sadistic, kills alot of stuff, fuckin uses a lot of guns
00- now, wants ass, lol… I dunno how the CHaracter is in the New x-men or storyline,
but he is awesome!
plus he is one of the strongest in the marvel universe! only drawback is his skin (UNCUT? hahaha)


i don’t feel dominant using him but he can fustrate opponents and his grenades + gun with doom missile assist can be great for zoning


GET ALONG LITTLE DOGGY!!! (repeat about 20 times to induce ragequit)


He’s my favorite Marvel character and he’s very quick and does good damage #sold

And he’s funny “Try not to suck!”


His whole character is a taunt, and he does HELLA damage with HELLA combos.


The Rock says so


I love using Deadpool. I think he inspires hate in people. The great thing is he is the kind of annoying smart ass character he was in the comics so all his little gimmicks are hilarious. I make it hard for the opposing team to get close to me. I’ll mess around with them in the beginning, shooting them, tossing nades, doing a little moonwalking, they try to super jump towards me, I teleport to the other side of the screen and start shooting them again. I think it upsets people but I find it hilarious. I just think Deadpool is a fantastic character, maybe not the best but he’s pretty versatile. And he’s probably the only character that can pull off a taunt in the middle of his BnB.


He’s just a fun character, thats all.