Why Do You Play Fighting Games?

Simple Enough Question.

Competition and Improvement are my reasons. I get a sense of accomplishment when I defeat a human opponent using all his/her skill and will to thwart my attempts at winning; while at the same time suffering no real-life consequences in the confrontation.:nunchuck:

I also like the feeling when you’re leagues above someone else but the person can’t really tell until you face them, which makes playing fighting games loads of fun when they get suprised. Unlike in a real fight where strength is quite obvious based on looks.:bgrin:

Also the fact that the outcome of a match isn’t based on subjective judging but the rules within the game itself, eliminating all the BS you usually see in other game/sports.

What’s your reason(s)?:pleased:

I play MvC2, I’ve always liked the vs series games from the beginning. It wasn’t untill later that I realized how high a level of play existed. I play for the love of the game, and the competition of the male ego. I also like fighting games the best b/c everyone is bound by the same rules, it’s not like other games where you level up your character and all that crap. Everyone is on an even playing field.

I play because it’s an escape from everyday life. White shadow whats the arcade like down there i was thinking about visiting. What games do you guys have down there?

I grew up playing fighting games yet I had no knowledge of how to really play at a higher level until I got to my senior year of high school, really. Plus, I always got beat by my cousins, so I stepped up my play. Now, I’m the one beating them.

'Cuz Madden is as fun as watching Oprah strip-tease :tdown:

All we really have down here is Boomer and Gameworks, ol’ school arcades are dead down here.:tdown:

I got deeper into fighters my senior year too. Thats around the time I also got broadband and stumbled upon combovideos.com. Then I thought about how cool it would be to do those combos to actual people. Now my friends try to avoid playing fighting games when I’m around.

I play cause you can go to jail if you jumpkick someone in the face IRL

Exaclty. It’s an escape.

Because it’s an escape from everyday life. Sorry to sound like I’m copying, but it’s true. I have a lot of shit going on right now, and nothing beats several games of Alpha 3 or 3S at the end of a long week.

But truthfully, I think they’re fun. I’m actually thinking about practicing for tourney play now. I’m still nowhere near what can be considered ‘good’ of course, but I’m willing to put in the effort.

And yeah, same here, Senior year in HS.

It is a primal feeling to out do other males. The law says we should not beat each other up. But Fighting games lets the primal male in us who loves big tits, round asses, and beating the fuck out of other people to come out.

just something fun to do. the comp and social aspect of it and feeling like a badass when you beat the other guy across from you with your own skills.

and that too.

I completely agree.:cool:

I play because fighting games are our generation’s chess. It’s a deep, fun, and competitive intellectual pursuit, and that’s what I’m down with. If I’d been born in another generation and had the leisure time to do so, doubtless I’d be playing chess, go, nine men’s morris, diplomacy, or whatever else was around instead.

Because the feeling of winning because of your own skill and practice is awesome. Basically just winning.

Ok then i just heard that it was jumping down there at those arcades tourneys u guys have all of the time. I might be geting some bad info though.:rock:

Fighting games are like a twitch version of chess.
They’re fun, they’re deep, and they’re just fucking good.

I play fighting games to humiliate people. Either by beating people who should be better than me, or completely beasting people with super-flashy bullshit.

I think I’d rather do crazy flashy combos and lose than repeat the same combo over & over again and win. shrug

For the competition and to relieve myself from everday life.

I’ve played fighters my whole life, but I never took it seriously until I saw the Evo2k4 Daigo vs. Jwong comeback. So basiclly, I got serious more than a year ago during the beginning of my Junior year in HS.

Fuck Mvc2, 3s, Cvs2 and every other fighting game that took my money/time away from me (that I will never get back)! People don’t even play Mvc2 for fun anymore. All they do is hold grudges and challenge someone for money…