Why do you play Gen?

just curious. figured i’d pose the question.

obviously there are easier characters to play. most of which require a lot less work for a similar result, or have higher payouts for learning the execution. so what gives?

for me, first i dig kung fu characters. second, its finding those little nuggets of match up info. theres always a new tool, or a new use for an old tool with gen. thirdly, you almost never fight mirror matches. i hate mirrors

Always loved the old Master and Assassin archetypes, kung fu movies were and are my shit. Also I just love the dues footsies, been playing him since A2.

I like the character design and I used to play Gen when I was a kid in the Alpha/Zero series. Ah, good memories.
Then what else… his two styles, of course. Plus, Gen gives me the feeling that if you can play perfectly (something that’s rather impossible, of course) with his lots of normals you can win against anybody.
Last, I feel his combos are sort of very elegant, lol. Especially the 1 frame cr. lp - st. hp

As a story nerd, I liked his story mode in Alpha. That special intro against Akuma in Alpha 3 was too amazing.

He’s old school, been around since SF1 and looks cool, I mean something about his Ultra combos just oozes style. He’s definitely up there as one of the hardest characters to play though.

[]Fingers his victims to death.
]His outfit is classy yet comfy.
[]Have no eyeballs.
]Old and ill, still kicks ass.
[]Utilizes two stances.
]Badass voice.
[]Not a big fool.
]Knows how to cook.
[]Only equaled by Akuma.
]Kills people. (SF4 kind of removed that aspect though.)
[]Introduced in SF 1.
]Coolest ultras and supers.
[*]Doesn’t rely on stupid magical powers like soul jellyfish or psycho abortion.
Conlusion: He’s fun and satisfying to play with.

His beard.

Cause when I win the opponent has no excuses. Plus landing fadc combos and watching your opponent pretend to not be annoyed by gekiro makes Gen worth all the work. =D

Versatility & abare.

Super into Ultra, mostly.

'cause I’m a hipster.

That’s why I now play Yun in 2012.

By the way, I was reading about the comments to the conversation between Daigo and Nuki (I guess most of you know who he is. For those who don’t: famous player, buddy of Daigo, considered the “3rd best player” in Japan, with Daigo and Mago, when he was on the scene. Anyway it seems he finally has decided to play SSFIVAE). The interesting thing is they say is “Umehara’s Gen is pretty strong”. He probably tested it a bit… but it’s nice to know he might have considered seriously to play Gen. However Daigo is THE Ryu and we all know it…

Imagine if Daigo started maining Gen.

I really don’t want to. Trust me.

I’ll be honest with you, I’d stop playing SF4 entirely. Don’t ask me why. I just would.
There’s something aggravating with that thought.

He may be THE Ryu, but Daigo is a beast Guile, I’d argue best in the world,

Just watch this, this is against Mago’s Fei Long


Then you will have an army of Gen online lol! I will just back out and wait till they all get frustrated and leave lol!

But do you think that if another iteration of the series would introduce more Gen-like characters (gameplay wise: two styles, lots of character specific stuff, shenanigans…), you would main them?
I ask this because in the past I loved capcom’s “Jojo’s bizarre adventures”. In that game most characters had “stands” or other things that changed radically their style during the rounds. I think that adds much dept to fighting games… But it’s a route that software houses didn’t consider with the most recent games

definately. im hoping sf x tekken has someone similar

I started using gen cause i liked how he looked and fight. I think gen combos are the coolest looking in the game. Also his super into ultra is still so cool to me!