Why do you play it


Apologies if this thread is redundant, tedious, etc.

I play SFxT because of the Tekkens basically. Them in a 2d environment is a great idea, and was much easier to execute than SFs in a 3d environment will be. Plus it can be hilarious/ridiculous and exciting. Other than that it’s filler for me until TTT2 is on consoles.



I like quite a bit about it, particularly the juggle system in place, the interesting - if flawed play-wise - takes on the Tekken characters, and it hits a happy medium for me between SFIV and MvC.

As you mentioned though, it’s also serving as a good “filler” between now and TTT2U:lovin: , though I still plan to play this once that releases as well.


As with every fighting game it’s all about the characters.

If the characters are fun to use, then the game is fun to play.

Poison and Asuka are really fun to play. And, Elena is coming.

Plus, I like the pace and focus. It’s not TOO combo crazy, and the game actually encourages simplicity in combo design, rather than autopilot execution. But, it’s not too slow, either, as there’s a lot of fast decision making and mix-ups.

And, the emphasis isn’t on knockdown pressure, although it exists. I prefer games that are decided while both fighters are on their feet, in control.


I knew I forgot something, lol. This too.


It’s fun to me. Plain and simple. It’s not perfect, but nothing is. I’ll play it as long as I find it fun.

I haven’t had issues with/ jab pressure/ air-tatsu’s/ TOs/ and etc… I am OLD, LOL, and I have been playing SF for 25 years. I have played every version of SF and I grew up playing at all the N.Cali Golfland’s. I have known almost every single person personally in the B5 video at one time our another. So as an older experienced SFer, it seems to me, most new generation players are just too lazy to figure out how to deal with things themselves. If there isn’t a video on YouTube where they can X-copy counter strategies to things, they think it’s broken… They’re just lazy.

If you understand the game engine and have found counter strategies to the abuse-able things aspects game and still don’t enjoy it, that’s 100% cool. Don’t play it. No harm, no foul. But, don’t hate it b/c your too lazy to figure out how to play it.


Because I like Kazuya. That’s probably the biggest reason.
I also like the lack of hard knockdown > safe jump > option select (ambiguous safe jump in) and how fun it is to play footsies in this game.


because I spent $50 on it. :I


I play it because its fun. I dont care what other people think.

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A better question would be: “Why i wouldnt play this game?” I have played SFxT so much and im still not getting enough of it, just because i just like it and its fun.


Its fun.

I still like 4, but its great to have another option and more to learn.


I like the juggle system, I feel that Vega is way better in this game than SF4. I also like the Tekken characters (Marduk, Hwoarang and Heihaichi are fun) I also like the lack of comeback mechanic. I play it because I find it fun.


same as OP, as a long time Tekken player it’s nice seeing them in 2D, and lots of fun beating up the Street Fighter cast : )


Mainly because it’s the latest Street Fighter game, and the inclusion of Tekken characters always did excite me about the game…sparks a lot of childhood rivalries…good times.


Because it is fun. I haven’t been playing it much recently, mainly due to the fact I have the PC version and have done all I can offline really, but as soon as that patch comes out I’m going to play it until I realise I’m wasting my life and kill myself.


I waited about 2 years for the game, I knew what I was buying( played multiple builds) and enjoy the finished product despite some issues here and there…

For those who were with me on the ride throughout pre-release knew I was getting it day 1, and im still playing it(shocking I know). don’t get me wrong, aside from the final fight and tekken characters, I could easily be playing AE…but after 4 years of SFIV…im kinda done with that.

People have their own reasons in why they like/dislike the game, I respect that(most of the time) and move on. I enjoy playing this game and I’ll get the extended cast when they are released. I just can’t say if i’ll still be playing this when VF5FS and Tag2 are in front of me.


Because it’s a good game. Duh


I like to play this game because the game’s pace is slightly faster than SF but slightly slower than Marvel (A game I will most likely never play because I have no console and no capacity to notice batshit-crazy stuff within seconds).


This is exactly how I feel, plus I LOVE playing the tekken characters.




Mostly because tekken chars feel like a nice change of pace compared to sf chars in this game. Also having fun doing weird stuff with the speed boost gems lol.