Why do you play less-popular fighting games?


I’m sure there are plenty of people who play SFIV and MvC so that they can enter tourneys and maybe get their name known and such. But why do you play the lesser known or less popular games? BlazBlue doesn’t seem to have a huge following compared to Capcom games, and there are plenty of people who play FGs that don’t have online modes, be it PS2 Guilty Gear or Vampire Stalkers.

So for those who play the latter, why? I’m not knocking you, nor am I trying to call you out. But to me, it seems a rather large appeal to playing FGs is the ability to compete against other players, but that can be rather difficult if no one else plays your game.


They like them.


they’re more fun? this seems obvious.

I like games like 3s, CvS2, ST, and VSav. the community doesn’t play any of those as much as SF4 or Marvel 3 these days but who cares? as long as you play games you like and have some friends to compete against and keep improving that’s all that matters. take the revival tournaments and online play when you can get them.


They see him trollin, he hatin, trying to catch me getting angry.

Because they find them fun, and just because a game no longer has a scene doesn’t mean it didn’t used to. GuitlyGear, Blazblue, so on and so forth had big scenes even as recently as 3-5 years ago but the community just died down. Doesn’t mean people stopped enjoying it. Marn used to play GuiltyGear as did Latif (one of the best GG players in America). Don’t be dumb, people continue to play them for the fun and nostalgia.


Personally because I want to expand my knowledge and experience with other fighters. Popular or not.


Because popularity doesn’t equate to excellence. Just because something is popular it doesn’t make it a good game. Modern CoD games are extremely popular but I’ve yet to talk to any of the old school FPS guys that actually like the game.

Plus the smaller, but more dedicated, scenes usually have very good competition due to the sheer passion of its players. Guys who only play one or two games that cater towards the hardcore crowd, usually excel as pretty solid players. The same can’t be said for the vast majority of ‘popular’ fighting game players.


I like to play that one between sessions of Fighting Street.


because cvs2 is more fun than any other fighting game >:(


Are you implying every FG Capcom has made since 2000 hasn’t just been a pathetic warm up for the new GG?

OT: I can still get games of BB in a matter of Minutes. I live in the UK so big tourneys are not available to me anyway. Every FG is pretty much equal, and I enjoy them all.


Because the more popular games at the moment bore me ****less, not going to be hipster, if a game I enjoy becomes popular I will still play the hell out of it, but right now popular is 2 of Ono’s offerings and MvC3, no thanks.


Because maybe, just maybe, they’re fun to play.


Because I find them funner to play. Just because it’s old or not mainstream doesn’t mean it isn’t good, hell sometimes it’s blatently better.


Because people have different tastes and opinions, i know it makes me angry too.


Mad hard trolling going on around here…


Because some people are not so “weak”, so to say, and give in to peer or social pressure and just go along with what’s popular, but form their own, personal oppinion of a subject and stick with it.

Oh, and because most new fighting games are garbage.


Because there’s nothing keeping me from playing them.

I play both popular and unpopular fighters since that’s the only genre I play and like them all. I don’t criticize. I play.


I play what I like because I can’t be bothered to spend time playing games I don’t like.

Sure you can have fun playing any fighting game with people just because playing with people is a social act and by definition fun. But if I’m going to spend time playing a game and training up in a competitive fashion it had better be imaculate.

And that’s why you’ll only catch me training for tournaments in melty and now KOF13 these days. I’ll play the other games but not in a competitive fashion.

Unless poverty is involved, in which case all the rules are out the window and the liquor is outta the cabinet.


I play SF since 91, and I am yet to see a better game than Hyper Fighting and Super SF2 Turbo. Since HF is dead, the thing is easy: I picked ST and remained there ever since 2006, which is when I started playing fighting games again.

As for new games, Marvel is not my thing, and ST is the superior SF game, so - again - there is no real decision to make. Players will start dedicating themselves to ST when they learn it just like hard rock kids would drop Ramones in favor of Maiden/Priest/Purple decades ago: cos it is just better in every aspect.


Thread should have been solved by the first response ><


I still enjoy playing CFJ all the time, even though everyone and their mothers absolutely hate the game.

Just play what you like and don’t let others influence what games you play.