Why do YOU play Sakura?



Why we like to play sakura?

i hear a lot things like how sakura isnt the greatest so i want to get some reasons why we like to play her.

my favorite probably is because she can combo like MvC2 character as in its pretty easy and it goes for days lol


Cause her elbow looks like a vag.


because she sucks

just kidding
i dunno

at the point before the game came out, none of my friends said they wanted to use her
so i thought i would
and i thought they would make her pretty crappy anyways, since there were already 3 shotos in the game
so i also thought i could try to make her seem good

not doing a very good job with that


Being humble is admirable but c’mon man, you make Sak look realllllllly good.


Because I wish to be a little girl


Because she just likes to fight! She doesnt want glory, she isnt investigating something, she doesnt want to rule the world, she isnt searching for her past! SHE JUST WANTS TO FIGHT!!! Watch her face during any match, she is always smiling and ready to fight! I mean her idol is Ryu and she wants to do is beat him up!

Also who doesnt like being the underdog all the time!


Godsh0t’s match vids. Then I started watching everyone else’s match vids and instantly fell in love. I suck right now, but I’m learning a lot.


cuz she’s fun to use? do i need any other reason?


Because beating up Sagat using a teenage girl is my definition of justice.


That and I’m tired of the old Ryu and Ken


post should’ve ended here


Because beating up people with a schoolgirl is fun.

And I’m sure that the guys and girls just wish to be the little girl (again)


I love her looks, her taunts(they make me giddy) Her moves are “cool” ULTRA looks "cool"
Like the way she says “sha-pook-ya!”

“I seek out opponents stronger than myself…ha ha just kidding!”


i only make her look good because people don’t know how to block online really

but she’s fun to use
now if she was a demon and could teleport and do a raging demon school girl, that’d make her pretty damn cool


What an odd question. We play Sakura because she is Sakura.

Street Fighter would be meaningless drivel without her. :slight_smile:


I’ve been a Sakura fan since Marvel Vs Capcom2 (sorry, I didn’t get into the alpha series much…) I did a lot of experimenting on the capcom side and I found that I really liked her air combo launcher. I think that was it, that’s why I started using her. That and the flower kick panty shot. :bgrin:

In SF4 I definitely identify with her story/motivation the most. Like crazykat said, she just wants to fight for the sake of becoming a better fighter. That’s 100% why I play street fighter, I just want to get better.

YES! It’s in her ending and everything. If they do a 2nd down or refresh or whatever, I really hope they explore that and give us the sunburned Sakura switcheroo. Pulling off raging demon school girl shenanigans would be awesome!


Flashy combos. No pants.


Just like KoF12 is going to be meaningless drivel without Mai. But that’s another story.


Da cawmbows


Sneak peeks at her knickers. Yeah!!!