Why do you play to win?

Recently, I was asked by a well known Dallas player(Eddy Pistons), “So you’re finally planning on getting good?” after going to a San Antonio SC4 tournament.

My reaction at the time was, “What do you mean? I’ve been improving, but I’m not going to start winning after only a year and a half of so of playing.” and his reaction was saying “Well it doesn’t take as long as it’s taken you.”

Now, our opinions on this point differ but thats not what I’m asking in this thread.

He got me thinking on why I play fighting games at a competitive level. Up until this point I had been THINKING that I was playing to win but the winning part would come in time with practice and experience. But, I’ve never had the DRIVE to win - to be a champion.

I’m unbelievably shy around new people and I think the real reason I play competitive fighting games and strive to win is because somewhere inside me I believe that if I get good and mash peoples heads in, they will at least talk to me. I guess you could say, I play to meet people and make friends.

So, my question is, why do you guys play to win? Is it for the money? Respect and Fame? The joy of the game? And if you aren’t “playing to win”, what drives you to play at the level that you do?

Because I like to win. Feels good to know you’re progressing and getting better over time.

I play to beat the man next to me.

To Arrested Development fans: “I just want my kids back.”

For pride, to feel like a big shot, for the money and the women… if there are any around at the tourneys to witness. Oh and to get the attention of Maggie Q, who supposedly is wet for dudes that own at fighting games.

MF Doom ftmfw

Because playing casually is fun. And playing at a semi-competitive level is fun.

But playing to win, at the highest level you can, against other people who are doing the same? That’s more fun. A lot more.

I like to beat people. Showing I’m better than them.

Playing to lose = questionable fun
Playing to win = guaranteed fun
Playing to win > Playing to lose

Also I cant stand scrub mentality and all silly things that compose it

I play to win. If you don’t play to win, you play to lose and nobody likes a fucking loser.

But in all seriousness, playing to win is all I know. There is no other way to play even if it’s for fun. For fun means to me there is no consequences upon the results of a match.

I play to win because playing to be the most honorable is too subjective, especially under the influence of some of the crybabies I’ve run into.

Its better to have a standardized ruleset, even if its not my prefered one sometimes.

Playing To Win is fun.

Games are the most fun when played at their peak i find.

because play to win is fun, at least for me, i like the feel of the challenge, even if i lose, if i know that we put all of us in that game, i feel good, of course i prefer to win.

Revenge. Alex Valle and John Choi killed my friends and family.

It gets boring to play with my friends who aren’t as serious as I am about fg’s or any vg for that matter. When there’s no challenge I become bored, so I search for skilled players. This is why xbox live and psn are such a godsend for fighting gamers in need of a good challenge.


On topic:
I play to win because that’s just how I am. If I like a game, improving myself in it is the natural next step.

Well, I’m not playing to lose, so what other option is there? Playing to a draw?

because i think people’s true character shines in the depths of high level play, you discover things about yourself and about other people.
i also love learning and especially in the game i play, 3s, that you must learn and then unlearn what you learned to really be on the next level. its a type of knowledge that i think is amazing.
I play to win because I want to see how far i can take it, because I believe i have it in me and i one day was tired of protecting myself with excuses (in anything). also, i believe anyone can do anything if they have the right mindset and i wanted to really experience it myself. just doing what you thought was impossible for you to do at one point is an amazing experience that i think everyone here is probably addicted to.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: This. Except make it raped instead killed.

Nah, but seriously I play to win for love of the games I play and to better my own gameplay. Like many others, I can’t stand the scrub mentality and that sense of “honor” they have.

I always play to a tie. If I can get that Double KO or a time out with equal health, then I’ve succeeded.

…I play to win because anything else just doesn’t make sense. Especially in these kinds of games, where the reward always goes to the person who isn’t on the ground.

I agree with you. How a person plays fighting games, depending on their level of interest, speaks alot about that person. Street Fighter to me is just as deep as a game of chess and your intillect is used to win. Its all about brains and some about reaction. There is nothing like playing a match with someone and guessing all of his moves till you get a perfect. This is why I like street fighter much more than many other games. People like to talk about matchups and data this and that but it really all comes down about how smart you are in using what moves you have to win.

I win to show off my street fighter brains!

Ive never heard of Eddy Pistons in my entire life

that and winning is sexy
second, why do you play in the first place

I hate it when someone underestimates himself and thinks, oh Im never gonna be as good as JWong bla bla bla
thats BS

If you dont play to win you shouldnt play at all
even if all the odds are against you,your goal is to win

If you dont do that, then just go ahead and retire