Why do you play Zero? :3




I am curious to know why all of you play Zero. I know MY reasons of course but I wanna hear everyone else’s reason(s). <3

Is it because you are a huge Megaman fan? Have you always loved the Megaman X games? Was Zero always your favorite? What are YOU fighting for? Or Are you playing him because he’s one of the best in the game?


Or are you playing him because of those chest orbs? Which are obviously better than any chest parts of any of those other hussies in MvC! ;D


I really liked his playstyle in TvC, but never had a chance to get into that game much - so when he was announced for vanilla I decided I was going to main him. Fortunately for me, he turned out to be really good - unlike my MvC2 main Hayato who I had to drop for Guile.


Because I played the shit out of his GBA games.


Because of his Megaman X alternate. After I bought it, I just couldn’t resist playing as him.
Almost makes me feel like I’m playing Mahvel 2, then Dante shows up.


S rank of average ranking in every game here.
Always liked him better than X anyway


because of the X series definitely, Zero is the only reason i got into MVC3:FTW(and tvc) in the first place. and the fact that zero is top three shouldn’t be a surprise, he IS ZERO after all.


Because MMZ was the shit.


You shouldn’t hate Dante! Him and Zero are buddies! :3

Yes, I’ve always liked Zero more than X as well. Most of my friends like X better and we argue about it sometimes. What’s funny is one of them said I was mainstream for liking zero more than X. I mean really? You the like the MAIN character in a game, and I like the side character and you are gonna call me mainstream? Psh. Please. snaps


Zero is my favorite all around video game character since I was little, so it was a no brainer to pick him since day one.

This is the only character that I will still play 100% even if he gets nerfed to bottom tier.

BTW Kassandra, I am jelly of your avatar.


I’m a huge Megaman fan, and I was already learning him in TvC, so why not? He’s the only character in the game that I feel 100% loyal to; they could smack him with the nerf bat and I’d still play him. Shoot, if RR wasn’t in the game I’d probably be playing Tron too.


Zero is my favorite video game character of all time. I’ve always loved the Megaman X and Megaman Zero series and I’ve played all of them over multiple times. I wasn’t interested in Marvel until the day I saw myf friend playing it and I saw Zero on the roster, back when Vanilla first came out.


Tehee! <_< Thanks! I’m jelly that your avatar has a blinky zero! :0
I got this avie, from a part in a megamanx manga from awhile ago. Its super cute!

%100 percent loyal? Good! Better keep it that way! We will all know if you’ve been cheating on Zero with other characters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we have our ways!

Hmm, looks like Zero is the reason a lot of people started playing. :0
He does save X in almost every game. He’s also very dashing and gets all the repliod bitches.


I’ve been a huge ass Megaman fan for such a long time now and Zero was always my favorite character.I loved all the X games and MMZ games.MMZ is without a doubt my FAVORITE Megaman series.Been using him ever since TvC .


because i’m a tier whore. gotta love this lil fucker giving me all these fraudulent wins


I play Zero because I love putting Viper (former Viper player) players in their place.


Because he’s Zero.


I’m right there with you. Tier whores unite! <3

Who doesn’t like putting red headed skanks in their place? :slight_smile:


He’s a good character, that’s why. I don’t believe in “character loyalty” or whatever (if I did, I’d make Phoenix Wright my main). But playing Zero definitely got me interested in the Megaman series, and I just started playing Megaman X, and it’s amazing!


Its like I say in every match.

“Even when you have nothing. YOU STILL HAVE ZERO”.

And if you don’t, well there’s wesker.

Nice zero art btw, where can I find more mvc art like that?


LOL this is ass backwards. xD but that’s okay… As long as you are playing the X games now then it’s acceptable.

Hm, mostly tumblr, and Japanese sites and stuff like that. :smiley:
Be careful browsing tumblr though! <_<
I once saw a picture of sigma on there that made me want to gouge my eyes out and set them on fire.