Why do you play?

I was playing SF online the other day and won a match. I felt good about my win, but for some reason I suddenly had a realization of how profoundly obscure my victory was. A win vs. a faceless, average player of a game that isn’t particularly mainstream to begin with.

After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I don’t play fighting games to compete with the entire player base, which was my prior assumption. Only a very small number of people have the time and drive to successfully compete on that level, so assuming that is one’s goal while having no ability to achieve it presents a disharmony of actions and purpose.

The fundamentally true reason I play fighting games is that I find learning about them enjoyable, and also because it gives me something to do and talk about with friends who also play.

Why do you play?

i play for competition, haven’t had time to go to any tourneys lately, but that will change when i get a job in my career field

I play fighting games because:

-I like combos
-I like the psychological aspects. Unlike most games you are actually dealing with a person’s mind instead of just a position (shooters) or a buildorder/unitcomposition (RTS). You arent lvl’ing your character (RPG), you’re lvl’ing your mind by improving your predictions.

  • I REALLY like combos
    -I love a challenge
    -Fighting games have hot chicks
    -I REALLY, REALLY like combos

The thrill of the fight

It’s the challenge, meeting with those that can test your skill and learning new tech as you play.

Because it’s fun…

You must suck terribly at shooters and RTS games if you think you don’t deal with a person’s mind in those games. How is fighting some guy who just mashes out the same combo over and over again that he trained to muscle memory like a monkey dealing with his mind?

For the story obviously, isn’t that why everyone plays?

[details=Spoiler]By story, I mean telling your friends about that awesome comeback you made or the great memories you get when you achieve something great.

But really I like challenge and cool skillful combos.

Knowing someone put hours upon hours into their combos makes you respect getting hit by it.[/details]

To become the best.

I play to watch Juri’s boobies wobble. :E
Well I really play because I bust my family’s ass in FGs but then get destroyed online, so I play to get better. Still ass though :E

  1. to win and see myself get better with the training i have done
  2. too many moments when you plays these games that makes em fun.
  3. the people. yeah you got alot of scrubs and whiners but there are some that just like to play the damn games in front of em like me.
  4. dat " rush" you get when your playing a good game

To get eSports rich and eSports bitches


because life is stressful. games help forget about the all the real crap going on.

For the chicks. Doesn’t Microsoft send everyone bikini babes when you win on XBox?

Because Fighting games gets me laid.

Because East Coast is the Beast Coast, and we goin prove it.

Although I havent been in any kind of top RTS or FPS play, I do have enough experience to say that both of these kinds arent nearly as psychologically involved as the fighting-genre.
In RTS there is very little when it comes to mindgames except for baiting a scouting opponent into preparing for the wrong build (techswitching). Most of the time its down to scouting and reacting accordingly.
In Shooters there are virtually no mindgames and it comes down to a game of reaction and precision. Ofcourse there are some minor mindgames when it comes to the usage of grenades or camping, but both are relatively simplistic when compared to fighters.

Also, combos are not mashed. A combo is a well thought out series of actions that (might) require more executionary discipline than any other game. The fact that the optimal combo for a certain situation is calculated in less than half of a second only makes them more impressive. If any gamer relies on muscle memory its RTS players. In fighters, a person with great combos but bad reads/fundamentals loses easily to someone with great reads/predictions. In RTS the fundamentals are everything and you mind doesnt matter if you dont have the APM.

I would recommend you to read a bit about “yomi” in fighting games, I think Sirlin wrote a piece about it. Or you could just STFU and GTFO. That will do just fine.


There’s nothing like going 50 rounds with your friend while the pizza in front of you is getting cold. My friend is a top-tier DOA player and I can “almost” beat him each round, so even though the overall score ends up being 47-3 at the end of the day, you’re having fun the whole time. Then I get my revenge out on a few rounds of MvC2/3, then we balance out in SSF4:AE and SC4. Just good times.

Like no one ever was! DUH NUH! To catch them all is my real test, to train them is my cause! POKEMON!

Because they’re fun.