Why do you prefer ST over HF

I just wanted to ask a simple question, both are great games, but it seems that HF doesn’t get much play (even with the X360 Live Arcade, there has only been one tournament in maybe 5 years, and that happened last month). Is it because of ST is the latest port in the SF2 series, or other features that make the game a little more “evened” out, such as tech throws, overheads, and supers?

because vega doesnt suck in ST

ST is much more balanced than HF. CPS1 chains and easy dizzy combos suck.

I disagree with that, in CE, there were only really 5 characters that were worth playing as, Bison, Guile, Ryu, Sagat and Ken, HF made every single character playable.

Now ST is very balanced too, but it has an illusion of balance. There are many counter matches, which seem to be much more extreme than in HF. Also you mentioned things like tech throws, overheads, and supers, and especially everyone gaining some sort of reversal help achieve this. And Sadly imo, this is how most future fighting games have been made. No longer are the characters designed to balance, but the game system is made to balance everyone out. So when you look at games like guilty gear, there is so many techniques you need to learn, otherwise you’ll be left dead in water. Even in earler games like alpha, with alpha counters to put in to help players get out of with lots of pressure and rushdown.

By changing the mechanics of fighters to be complicated like this has thrown the fighting game genre (especially 2D) into a realm of obscurity. Most non fighting game players interested enough to give a fighting game ago, take one look at the system and think this is too complex, and pass it over. Hence there are very few new players coming into the scene. Maybe this is one of the reasons why arcades died out in the western world. Since fighters where only really catering for the existing players, those players got older and stopped going, with no one really to replace them.

I think most people would agree that HF is more balanced in that all the characters can hang, but the reason why I don’t like HF is because of the dizzy system and the damage. Both are too extreme for me.

In HF matchs like Ryu-Honda or Chun Li-Zangief are playable.
In ST they are really, really terrible…:sad:

I like ST better because of the tweaks made to all the existing characters. I like the way they feel in ST better then in HF.

Many would say that Vega is too good in ST (assuming you meant Claw and not Dictator).

Claw is fine in HF, he’s probably talking about Dictator. Dictator was too good in CE, so Capcom nerfed him for HF, but they probably took away a little too much; he’s not very good in HF. He can still compete, though.

Dizzy and damage are the only reasons not to play HF, in my opinion. I love the fact that the characters are all very different and yet can all compete. And I like not having supers, it’s just all about who can dominate the space on the stage better, nothing extra, as little guessing as possible.

Like like ST more b/c Dhalsim has several new moves (I am a Sim fanboy):

He has controlable limbs.
He can do his drills & mummy any where mid-jump.
He has two new drills (different angles).
He has Yoga Tempest! :wgrin:

On a game engine note: I don’t like the HF dizzy and damage system. The cps1 chains are a little broke, you can get dizzied (and lose a lot of life) a little too easily. :tdown:

I prefer ST because the characters have a more complete range of moves (just look at the bosses), making them more interesting to play. I also like to be able to tech a throw. As for the balance thing, well I don’t know because I haven’t played HF enough to make a comparison.

no i’m talkin about claw dude. dude does dick for damage in HF.

T.Hawk, but I do prefer AE over ST. dodges bullets

Worse than that, he doesn’t have a reversal in HF. That really hurts. And missing all the new normals he has in ST doesn’t help either.

I think claw is OK in HF, but I think he’s a lot better in ST.

He’s fast and has good pokes. He isn’t high tier or anything, he’s like mid or low-mid, but in HF that’s still pretty good. No question he’s better in ST, though.

i assume ppl like ST over HF because ST is a real game where everyone is from the same type of game while HF has it’s quirks with Champ and Turbo and Normal vs. a SuperT. Dunno something like that.

I think you’re getting HF confused with AE.

HF = Street Fighter 2’ Turbo - Hyper Fighting. The third of the original 5 arcade releases. First SF that played at a fast speed, introduced many staple moves (Shoto midair hurrcane, Chun-Li fireball, etc.)

AE = Hyper Street Fighter 2 - The Anniversary Edition. The recently-released arcade, PS2, and Xbox game that lets your pick a mode to play like any of the original 5 arcade releases.

I prefer HF and I’m loving playing this on xbox live.

I didn’t like supers, I don’t like seeing people win with lucky random shit

the super are unbalanced, boxer, ryu, chun = too good, honda, blanka = too shit etc.

ST is less balanced then HF, partially thanks to supers being unbalanced aswell.

In HF everyone can hang and it’s the most balanced sf ever

I hate juggles

the 4 new characters did jack shit for me

I prefer the old skool less combo heavy days

HF should be at evo, heck HF, ST and AE should all be at evo. These are great games, fuck these gimmical crappy overated sf’s like 3s with their custom combos (yun), chains, unblockables, parries, juggles.

old skool for life

tech throw is the greatest feature in all vg history. st ftw

i love both ST and HF. :lovin:

but at the moment more peeps are playing ST so i gotta hang with ST on this one.