Why do you think its so easy for americans to stereotype everyone?


I see people do this all the time, and I know it might not be a big deal but. Once you start judging everyone, you start to think you are better then other people. And people do this just cause their life is so boring I guess? When it all comes down to it, you just look like a jack ass


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Is this thread supposed to be ironic, or are you an idiot?


I’m sure that Americans are the kings of stereotyping lmao. I wouldn’t go to Europe or Asia if I were you.


Because ppl like you need to go back to your country!!!

How the fuck do you even type with a stereo?

That’s what typwriters are for you dumb coon.


OP, what makes you think this thread is going to end well?:rofl:


Because they do it to us? Hell, this what the majority of foreign countries think American people look like. v


Don’t get mad, get even. You stereotype us, we stereotype you. It’s just…that…simple.


Bumping troll thread.

I’m Irish; blame the booze.


Its easy for us because we are all the perfect variant of human beings. Passing judgement comes naturally and you should feel honored to be judged by us, for our time is very important.


Because America is da besssssssssssssssss


Law of averages. If you think you’re better than enough people, you’re going to be right in at least a few cases.


The only real source I have to base an opinion of Americans on is SRK.


Serious answer: Europeans are really funny with this. When I was over there people had some really nasty stereotypes of anyone with dark skin. I am a VERY light-skinned Hispanic, so is my friend G. We also dress in very nice clothes when we go out. A friend, A, met up with us in Amsterdam. We are all Hispanic and grew up together so we’re pretty much the same as far as manners go. Anyway, A is way darker than us two. G and I decide to take him to a bar where they let us have pot and drink beer at the same time with no issue. When we bring A there, the owner asks him to leave while in the same breath says hi to us because we tipped well. When we told him he was with us, he told us all to kindly leave.

I love Amsterdam and many of the European cities I’ve visited/stayed in, but you guys think anyone with dark skin will kill or rob you.


Because it doesn’t matter if it’s accurate, we’re gonna throw missiles at you until we’re right!



Murika, FUCK YEAH!

Also, Years of practice. That’s why it’s easy.


I bet other countries thought they da bess



That is fucking great.


Because monotyping takes too long.


So are you stereotyping Americans as people who stereotype other people?


It’s just international banter.

America = Fat, Unintelligent, Ignorant, Corrupt, Racist.
Britain = Bad Teeth, Tea, Crumpets, We love the queen.

…As much as I try to make it sound friendly. America needs to try harder.