Why do you think Marvel VS is so popular in America but not in Japan and Europe?


The American scene of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 it has about 10 years of support, Meanwhile in Japan or Europe the game seems broken, glitchy, polished mugen, etc. and the scene is very small, the people prefer play SFIV competitive and leave Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for casual matches, even without assists.

Which is the reason that Marvel Series is so popular in America?


I don’t think the MVC2 scene was as big as you make of it.

But to answer your question- Europe far last arcades IIRC and fighting games in general are less popular there.

And Japan doesn’t really like games with infinites. They tried any VS game when it came out and abandoned them all.
They also don’t care much for games with no arcade version so don’t expect them to jump on MvC3.
(Daigo will still play it to take your money)


Ummm . . . I really don’t think that’s the reason. Blazblue is heavily loop based and very successful in Japan.



I think it can safely be said that vs series was intentionally design to appeal to western audience with cross over identities that American can be familiar with.

Before the vs series was made, the engine was made from games such as XCOTA, and marvel Super heroes. I think capcom develop these when they wanted to grab a bigger audience than their other titles could. Using comic book heroes with super natural power allow them to make a fighting game that has the flash and flare needed to attract casual or none gamers. Vampire/dark stalker series had supernatural character and abilities but it didn’t have much success because classic monster just was’nt that popular at that time. Super heroes and comics was.


Out of curisoity, has Daigo ever posted at these forums or does he even come here?


I don’t think so,he doesn’t seem to be the type of person interested in forums.


first of all, yes the mvc2 scene was really big back then in the day You literally could go to any big arcade in your region and find 10-15+ people waiting to play most times. It was an awesome quarter eater back in the day. SHGL was getting capped @ 128 people per tournament and there was like 150-160+ people showing up to those things back in the day and that went on for quite a while.

and yes, the japs do play games with infinites and or broken shit aka kof 2k2 and hokuten no ken and vampire savior. You could probably slam some other games up there as well. BAS was an amazing player for his day and one of his games was xvsf. Apparently he did play the game and was pretty good @ it.

IMO, the reason why marvel took off was because of the b5 tournament where it was usa vs japan 5v5 in the year 2000 iirc. USA goes to Japan and we basically get fucking spanked in every game but mvc2, in which we won 23-2 round robin style iirc. Its the only game in fighting game history where the Americans have dominated first and have dominated through out the entire life span of the game. IMO, thats why its popular because you gotta realize how bad America was @ the other games. When players from the USA figured out that Japan could NOT fuck with us, thats when other American players started picking up the game and here we are, 11 years later and its one of the baddest games around still.


Japan doesn’t care about inf or any of that stuff. Balance doesn’t matter to them as much as it does to us from what it seems

They’ve played and play

All the GG games
Fist of the north star
Cross x
Blaze blu

All which have been or are “broken” or imbalanced

What they don’t do is tag team games. Don’t know why or if it’s on purpose but tag fighting games just don’t stick in japan.


Actually, darkphoenix a-cho’s Capcom Olympic marvel 2 had more players then Jojo’s. And jojo’s has a good balance just petshop is the only character that you have to watch out for even though none has won a tourney(only Kite can try).


Hello? Fighting games 101?
Don’t you know the difference between a loop and an infinite?

I stand corrected then.

I know of all the TRF HNK vids. But that’s not what I meant when I said the don’t play these games. I didn’t mean “at all” and “never” but on a broader scale.

They can look at it as some sort of national pride but as far as I see it it’s a game the Japanese don’t really care about.
Try beating them at the (good) games they do care about.

I like how you list the latest GG and BB with SBX,HNK,Jojo…
Shows how knowledgeable you are.


Blaze pt1 is not balance sry, ggac is prob the only balanced gg of the bunch.

In general the series I listed have had mad imbalances or just broken characters. And japan plays them just fine so it’s no excuse that “Marvel is to broken.”

Shows how much YOU know.


The only reason it isn’t an infinite is because damage scaling goes so far that it begins to heal your opponent.


Japan barely plays games like Jojo, HNK, SBX. They played a while when they were new (just like they played TVC and FUC) but they pretty much died out after breaking down.
I never said CT was a good game but it had sequels on the horizon so they stuck with it. Playing a flawed game for one year is not like playing a flawed game for 8 years…

And GG games were very good and solid starting from XX. You want to talk about balance? The match ups in the series (starting from XX) were never as bad as most of the cast vs top tiers in MVC2. In GG you could see at least 3/4 of the cast in Japanese tournaments, unlike MVC2 where cl0ckwork is becomes the underdog for having only 1 top tier in his team.
BBCS1 had balance problems but even in that game over half of the cast were totally valid. (Not to mention CS2 looking so much better)
That game also didn’t have 1 hit kills. (It doesn’t matter that MVC2 has 3 characters because one can’t fight on point, and the second will be lacking in tools, and you also only have one round in a match)

I don’t hate the game and I can appreciate the style of play but you gotta admit it has a lot of problems and that’s why I think its eastern arcade scene didn’t flourish. They would totally dig a new, more solid version of it, I’m sure. Hell I hyped for MVC3 myself and I really want it to be solid.


You are confusing so many different stuff together…
The taunt loop is not an infinite. It’s a loop. In GG and BB the longer the combo goes not only the damage decreases the hitstun decreases as well, so you can’t have infinite combos in those games. (Unless you were abusing throw/stagger mechanics, and all those rare cases got fixed)

The healing part can’t be done in an actual combo where the opponent can’t tech.


lol :rolleyes:

because it has marvel on the name, duh
marvel big on usa, not so big on other countries, simple

oh boy, do you even know how the damage scaling works on BB???
btw, loops != infinites


Black people. Oh and superheroes.


O_o… I always saw GGXX #Reload as the most balanced GG…

Edit: To answer the OP’s question… Marvel. 'Nuff said, IMO.

Edit 2: Oh. And black people.


wut lol? sure, mvc2 has 56 characters but the amount of top tier teams that can compete is probably in the realm of 15 characters and all of those 15 characters when given the right teams could potentially win EVO wit the right player behind it.

How many other games allow that many characters to compete @ world championship level? Not sure where that terrible argument came from but its not a very smart one.

of all the characters in sf4, how many could win EVO? of all the characters in HDR, how many could win EVO? of all the characters in BB, how many of those characters would win EVO?

very few games have 15+ characters whom are able of winning @ the highest level.

marvel is 2 parts. You have top tier play and low tier play. The biggest problem I see with this game is that it isn’t 1 character, there are team dynamics going on and if you don’t play to those mechanics you will lose. If you pick dan\akuma\sabretooth and complain about how unbalanced the game is, that is no different than mashing buttons in sf4 and complaining why you can’t hit anyone.

Truth be told, every character in mvc2 is on a high mid tier team. xxx\sent\cap where xxx is any character in the game. servebot\sent\cap is actually pretty frightening and so is roll\sent\cap.

taken from the words of a PRO. Pro tip, sentinel and doom are not top tier so never pick them lol

how can you have an opinion of a game when you obviously don’t even play it?


dunno how
if the tier list of #R goes from S to E
while AC goes from S to C- being the tiers very close on AC making them a somethin negiglible except for some few bad matchups like Johnny vs Zppa and even that doesnt look that terrible at high level


except you can’t do any of the infinites on marvel infinitely, you spinout, so they are loops as well. why you think they end their combo in a super and not just keep doing the infinite?

and mvc2 in japan was held back by a lot of other things like having to unlock characters in the arcade on a per-player basis including some weird system where you had to unlock characters on your own on the console version and bring in your memory card and put it in the machine unlike the usa where the unlock was for the whole arcade. the idea that japan doesn’t play broken games is laughable they play plenty of broken games.