Why do you use Sagat?



I’m just really curious. I mean I know why most noobs pick him but what about the “Hardcore” SF fans. I would just like to know. Thanks


Why not?


I’m just looking for specifics. Like, what do you like about him? What made you choose him to begin with? Stuff like that. I play as El Fuerte and I picked him because of the fact that he was silly. He was the most unique character and I picked him. So I would like to know why others pick their characters and I am starting with Sagat first. Next are Ken and Blanka. It is just easier to ask questions directed towards a specific group at a time.


I use him to make dumb asses make a thread to ask why I use him. I don’t know why I bother looking in the Sagat section anymore it is full of shit like this. In the other character sections it actually has useful info to help your game, not here though.


well said Master_pain, well said.

I however use Sagat for one reason and one reason only because he’s “OP, Broken, cheap, easy to win with, noob char., unbalanced, has 30ft reach, has the best normals in the game, is god tier, is top tier.”

I mean give him a break, I mean im sure he has a hard time getting a drivers license. He’s handicap for crying out loud! How would you feel if you had your eye poked out and everyone calls you names.:sad:

well thats more than one reason isnt it? Anyway thats why I chose Sagat and im never going back :lovin:

sorry Mask but come on man.


We already have a thread like this…



Oh. My. Gawd.

The Sagat section is devolving day by day. OP, seriously, this is a mega-retarded thread.


After a few months of refusing to even touch Sagat i accidently picked him in an online fight and won on my first time using him without knowing how to do hes moves even though i found them out as they were very simlar to the shotos. I continued to him him and won two more matches then called it quits.

Sagats a very powerful dude hes not the fastest but all his moves have a fast start up time so it doesn’t really matter. Sagats high kick has some great range but i don’t find it fun using him.


I use him because of his playstyle.


I picked him in HD and it stuck with me.


i use sagat, because he’s big, he’s buff, scar, eyepatch.

i’ve used sagat for ST, alpha, vs series, and sf4. i’m also kind of tall and although not as buff as sagat consider myself fit, so it started out as kind of playing a ego-driven fantasy version of myself. and it just stuck. i try to explain that i’ve used sagat in every sf game and that I didn’t just take him in 4 cuz of tier whoreness but really he hasn’t been weak in any game.

he’s worse in cvs2 than he is in sf4. and not to mention o. sagat…


Lol, i bet in the next SF if they nerf him but don’t change his looks, all the people who are saying “oh it’s not cuz he’s so powerful, he just looks cool” will stick by him eh?


My napoleon complex.


Its funny because I myself train in thaiboxing and freestyle wrestling but I dont like zangief or sagat - and he even reminds me the style I fight in thaiboxing - hes kinda slow moving, but stable, doesnt run away too much or rush forward either… But I think hes a bit too defensive in this game, and the number of strike he can do in x seconds is very small, so maybe thats the reason why I dont like playing him. Also… I just dont understand why hes so tall and so strong, when thaiboxers are skinny and thais overall are very short…

Btw anybody noticed how zangiefs dash looks like he was shooting in for a takedown? :smiley: I think abel even does some strange double leg, strange that zangief doesnt.


Sagat has been amazing in pretty much every SF game ever.



He was my favorite in turbo when I was young because of the eyepatch. I don’t use him much in SF IV but he’s still a badass. SF needs more eyepatches.


for the same reason i use Chun Li and Cammy… they’re reach is glorious, i could play range games against noobs until the day i die… i also play Sagat cuz i’ve been using him since my ST days… same goes for Chun and Cam… i haven’t really changed my lineup since i really got into games


Because he’s easy to win with.


qft :rofl:


hahah what songo said.