Why does Capcom care so much about blood types?

Why does Capcom feel that character blood type is important information?

Back in the days of SF2, in the instruction booklet, in the character profiles, they included the character’s blood type information.

I can understand height, weight, fighting style, country…

But BLOOD Type?!@?

Does anyone know why they even bothered with this type of information???

Because there are some ubber geeks out there who want to know EVERYTHING. Ever been to a comic book convention and asked “How tall is Batman?”? Believe me, there are some people who aren’t simply satisfied with the novelty of a character or series.

the Japanese have some weired obsession with blood types. There’s more signifigance put on em over there, everybody knows there bloodtype etc.

They added blood type presumably for the same reasons as weight, dob, height, nationality, biography. People wanna know about the characters.

Why did you make this thread?

It’s not a Capcom thing, it’s a Japan thing.

I don’t think many people care about the characters blood type… at least here in America.

Height/DOB/Nationality/Biography/weight yes. But blood type… no.

The same reason you responded to it.

true, but last i checked capcom is japanese.


IIRC japanese feel that certain blood types lead to certain personalities.

this is very true.

granted, i dunno wtf my blood type is. :wasted:

Its kinda like a Zodiac sign, some people believe it, some don’t.

Very true, also some blood types are very rare, and considered an omen of good. Some are also common and thus you are considered scum.

It’s not just a japanese thing. in part it’s a medical community issue.

This is good information. Thanks for the responses guys.

Does anyone know the personality/character traits that the japanese associate with the different blood types??

True… but not Capcom of America :slight_smile:

Just google it.

“Some video game characters also have known blood types, for example the manual for Final Fantasy VII reveals the blood type of Cloud Strife to be AB. Many fighting games (such as Dead or Alive) often list blood type of characters on bio pages or in the manual. The videogame series Gungriffon and Princess Maker allow for blood type as an option in their creation modes.”

The trait is easy. If you have a rare blood type you are considered special, if you have a common one you are scum. It also has to do with what blood types you can use in transfusions

The Japanese also have the sickest fetishes out there, so blood was the only one they could put into characters profile that was appropriate.

If they had the chance, They probably would of put that the chicks have foot fetishes:wow:

That’s not what wikipedia is telling me. You could be right although,

"Type A blood is the most common in Japan…“
"In Japan AB blood type is often considered the least desirable type.”

It seems to me like type O is the best in Japan.

type O is a universal type, you can stick it in anybody and it works, but it’s also rare as hell, and picky about what blood you can send to it.

According to wikipedia, O is actually quite common:

“Overall, the O blood group is the most common group in the world, although in some areas, such as Sweden and Norway, the A group dominates. The A antigen is overall more common than the B antigen. Since the AB group requires the presence of both A and B antigens, the AB group is the rarest of the ABO blood group.”

Also as mentioned above, AB is the least desirable blood type in Japan.

Obviously it’s so that they know what kind of condoms to buy.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vending_machine and have a look at the number of things listed under Japanese vending machines.
“Blood type-based condoms”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_blood_type_theory_of_personality lists all the different types.

This page lists the % breakdown of blood types for a few countries.

And I was definitely asked my blood type when I was in Japan.

I stand corrected