Why does Daigo use U1 over U2?



as I thought U2 was the way to go?


I personally choose the Ultra based on the MU, but U1 has it’s perks over U2

Reasons why U1 is good

  • Comboability - even off of basic combos, this still pumps out the damage you need in a tight spot.
  • Goes through fireballs - Not sure if anybody watched Riceeater’s video on this, but if you trade with a fireball and st.fierce you get extra damage which turns 380 damage into 430 at times. (rough damage calcs)
  • Pushes opponents towards the corner you are facing! - IMO, this is a big one. You switch sides after U2 and you get funky recovery and positioning out of the full animation.
  • Still does good damage after red focus! - if you do the classic low forward xx light axe kick Red focus attack into a fully charged U1, it gives you a pretty good sum of damage still.

Just personal food for the thought but most of the time Daigo is using the Ultra based on MUs lol.


U1 has the utility and U2 has the damage. I like U1 for punishing whiffed wake up reversals that put me out range to punish with anything else. It does more damage off an fadc/j.mp/ex tatsu than U2, but U2 has big damage, not reccomended for anti-airing, but it’s a good punish vs. characters like Elena who have punishables moves and lack fireballs.