Why does Ehrgeiz suck?

like, straight up. I wanna hear about the engine of the game, character matchups, and the way the fights go and such.

long story short, I loved the game and looked up shit on it. every source of information I’ve found says it sucks once you become skilled at the game. none of them tell you why. or, if they do try to tell you why, they’ll bitch about FF7 characters being in the game and not get to the real point. I heard Ehrgeiz mentioned on SRK a few times so I thought I might be able to find the answer here. if possible, I’d like to better that engine type

Did you not actually play it or anything?

Yoyo Yoko should get her own game.

pressing 3 buttons to jump, or having to double tap a direction to also jump is a horrible design choice. hence why I didn’t like it.

It sucks because it isn’t Tobal 3

  • Better to play it yourself.

namco actually lended their hand in making the game, another game that they were trying to innovate with

the problem was the controls mainly, the lack of attention to character depth (it was like in between tekken 2 and tekken 3 depth wise) there were plenty of hidden moves you’d have to mash out to find, which was one thing that was cool about it, the fact occasionally you’d find something new, there was also an endless floor meta-game that you could both pull off if well timed. it was a good game but seemed like they decided to concerntrate on the extra features instead of fully refining the mechanics, maybe in hope of high sales leading to a sequel.

me and my friends enjoyed the game anyway and as a game it was a nice little package, having a whole RPG in it while utilizing the same system mechanics. it wouldnt hurt to improve the mechanics of the game and create a huge online dungeon for it and release it as a downloaded game, it would be a hell of a lot better than a lot of games out there :rofl:

the first tobal’s system concerntrated on fighting within a 2D realm, 1 on 1; so it was able to feel like a more refined game.

eventhough I feel like there should be a new tobal, I would prefer more to see a new Erghiez because it just was a more interesting game-mechanic

Because of Cloud

I liked the dungeon crawler


Kakuto Chojin is basically Tobal 3.

this is exactly why I asked

the only bad facts I know about the game is that anyone who knows what they’re doing with Django will always reverse any throws, the jump attacks suck, and some of the specials flat out sucked (ex. Claire). also heard Koji Masuda absolutely dominates the game. I’m guessing it’s because of the grapple special, but then if that’s the case… what about Dasher Inoba?

thanks alot man. also glad to hear this from someone else who enjoyed the game.

and yeah as much as I liked the fighter, the dungeon was much more fun by far. I played that shit forever, even made a bunch of challenges for myself to go by to make it harder

I did not like the dungeon crawler.

It had an addictive quality, but objectively it just wasn’t very good, when you consider the bare-bones combat and the goofy save/rescue/dying system.

The fighting game’s problem was that it wasn’t even really a fighting game. It was a generic action game with where there were two characters on a square level.

the fuck it is.

over half of the team that did tobal 2 left right after that games development and then went to namco\sega to work on the tekken\VF series.

Ehrgeiz is awesome.

God Bless the Ring.

Cloud for the Win.

I’m pretty sure Sasuke can just do that bomb air move thing on your wake up all the time.

ah I remmeber about Sasuke. I remember hearing he was too risky to use reliably

I loved it, first played it on a pizza hut demo disk. Found it at blockbuster for 10 dollars which I and didnt think twice.
God Bless the Ring.

Still cant pull off an omnislash for the life of me. I do everything right and it still wont come out. Very frustrating.

Call Ehrgeiz what you want, but you can’t deny that it had an awesome grappling system:
Just-frame escapes, reversing throws with your own throws, everyone having a 360, the tackling mechanic.

And there’s a gimp with a metal leg that shoots rockets. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID???

Ehrgeiz wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. FFVII characters ruined the gawdamn game though. You think Cloud is a bitch? Try Tifa. That slut is brain-dead.

Hold the Guard button. Now do a 270 motion and then press High+Low. It’s a Killer Throw. Everyone in the game has one.

Cloud’s isn’t that great, because you can actually catch his sword during certain parts of Omnislash. For example: The very very very last hit of Omnislash can be caught if you tap the Guard button just before it hits you. This is also how you catch Sasuke’s sword slashes.

Han’s Killer Throw is pretty weak and requires an additional just-frame (tap the Guard button) just to get full damage. There are lots of throws in the game that have additional parts but requires a just-frame like this. Like one of Han’s side throws (the one where he trips them) and one of Sasuke’s front throws (the german suplex).

The RPG was awesome for a fighting game bonus. I spent many hours in that alone figuring out sploits and crazy crap that part of the game was jam packed with. :tup: