Why does every Jamming bomb combo I notice end with Snapback?



Am I missing any other advantages in doing a Snapback right after a jamming bomb other than having the opponent forget that the player was “jammed” when he tags back in? Does the 3- second jamming duration reset? I always thought it would be better to just go in with MODOK right after a jamming bomb and open up your opponent with a possible free combo after.

Has anyone successfully pulled off a jamming bomb combo loop without assists that generates its own LoU each time? (This is assuming the player forgets to hold foward/down forward to block after the jamming bomb :P)


Usually with MODOK, you will have a solid incoming mixup, which is especially difficult to block when jammed and they forget that. Besides that, you are usually snapping back for their 3rd slot, which will usually be a good anchor and/or assist. Just by doing that, your opponent’s game plan is going down the drain, and if you can kill that character, the second slot character usually isn’t much of a problem (that character is usually dependent on the third). And then you can swag on the last jammed character.

Of course, if the point character is the main problem, you can always just combo into jamming bomb into a reset of choice. One that shouldn’t be relied on but is easy to do is :f::h: (wallbounce already used), :h: bomb in the corner. As for that solo jamming bomb loop, but you can probably do in the corner: cr.:h:, IAD j.:m:, cr.:h:, :l: cube, cr.:h:, jump, j.:s:, st.:h:, :f::h:, jamming bomb, HBR (forward, up, up, forward, down), they tech, super jump up back, j.:h:, adf, j.:h:, fly, j.:h:, IAD j.:h:, cr.:m:, cr.:h:, :l: cube, cr.:h:, jump, j.:s:, st.:h:, :f::h:, jamming bomb, HBR… There might be too much hitstun deterioration and some of that anit-air stuff after HBR might have to be adjusted, but either way, your opponent should be blocking forward after the first time. Most times, you just want to jam them and call in an assist like drones for an easy reset or you want to try Caveman’s unblockable reset.


I would highly suggest to go for the unblockable reset after a jamming bomb unless they have a problem character in the back you want to take a shot at. Especially after being jammed that character is dead because the reset is so hard to escape to begin with and even I you mess up you are in a position to land another hit or atleast a throw since most people will only focus on blocking… Much better than hoping you land your snap mixup or hoping they forget they are jammed.


Could you point out ways to break that reset? The only problems I’ve encountered so far are small characters neutral teching and invincible supers.


I have seen weird things happen with characters that are in xfactor, probably due to their increased falling speed. But, that may have been an oddity or atleast dependant on the xf boost. Also, some characters with fast, long range pokes can trade with modok and escape like virgil. Blocking after the throw tech beats mashing and the slime counterhits them. The only consistent thing to beat it however is invincible air super or to have an assist that avoids the both modok and the slime on the way in so you have to respect it. Haven’t tested which ones manage this, but some definitely do.


That is certainly some good info to keep in mind. Thanks!


Getting the Anchor in, in general is a good idea. Even if you can’t kill him, you put your opponent in a desperate situation as to get him out asap. Usually they will want to tag in the 2nd guy being that he’s not the one thats jammed. Which still messes them up being that if they want to save their 2nd character, they can’t by DHCing unless they know how specifically to do that with jammed controls. Which is a mindfuck if you are unaware. By the time they get back to their original order, so much damage could have potentially been done to their team and mind that the rest of the match is usually cake due to their frustration. If anything it makes them go hard at modok the next round and this open’s them up to make stupid mistakes or better, burning X-factor just to kill him lol. Just way more advantages than a simple reset where they didn’t even know the were jammed. You want them to know it and fear it!


The guy in the back is also usually a good assist… tatsu, vajra, missiles, etc. Put the point character on the back-burner, and have a go at the assist character. It can really cripple their team.

Jamming a whole team is fun too. :slight_smile:


Since we’re talking about Jamming folks…I have a question.

Say my opponent is down to two characters. I hit character A with a jamming bomb, and snap him out for character B. Now, if character B does a super and tries to DHC back to character A, does he have to input the super input in reverse direction to DHC properly, or will it stay normal? I’m new to MODOK so I’m just thinking that if they DO have to do the DHC motion backwards, that’s just another way for them to accidentally screw up. Someone trying to DHC to Photon Array and getting Blender instead sounds juicy.


They do have to do the motions completely reversed, so a :qcf: (236) DHC would turn into a magnetic blast motion (874). :qcb: (214) would turn into the other magnetic blast motion (896) and :dp: (623) would turn into (487).


Thanks for the speedy reply! And also, thanks a lot for your MODOK guide! Seriously, best character guide I’ve read for any game on this site! (Karsticle’s Dormammu thread is the only other that comes close, that I’ve seen anyway)

I feel kinda bad for shamelessly stealing so much info that you put in there, but reading the MODOK 101 tutorial in general gives me a much larger understanding of how to play MODOK, and for that I thank you, sir!




Thanks and you’re welcome! :slight_smile: It’s always nice to have more people playing the character.


Can someone give me the most basic (hard to drop) jamming bomb combo I can do with Doom plasma beam and Phoenix tk overdrive? I don’t even care about getting much damage and I don’t want to use a super. Just something reliable for a casual player.


I don’t think you can get much off of those assists for jamming bombs, but I’m not that sure. If there is, it’s definitely corner only. In the corner, something like this might work if the opponent is high enough when you high f+H: after a knockdown: back dash, cr.M and TK overdrive, f+H, jamming bomb. Finding a way to do a st.H, f+H, jamming bomb in the corner after a small combo in the corner works.


Switch to missile bro, and voila! Jamming bomb combos and twice the derp!


Thanks you two. I think I will end up switching to missiles as much as I like plasma beam (people get hit by it like crazy when you play MODOK because of how quick it is and how much they chase you down while you’re flying; they forget about the assist since you’re in the air lol).

So I don’t have to ask this repeatedly, is the basic principle behind comboing jamming bombs: combo ending in knockdown, otg, assist, forward Hard and then jamming bomb? So what would a missiles jamming bomb combo look like?


Connecting jamming bombs are really something that you need to be a bit more creative with, since getting them in are assist dependent and can be impossible given certain assists. You are able to get a jamming bomb to connect in the corner off a wallbounce (f+H, jamming bomb) IF you hit f+H when the opponent is high enough off the ground. Many assists after a knockdown don’t let you get a jamming bomb since many don’t float the opponent high enough. This is a general formula for getting in a jamming bomb in the corner with 2 assists after a knockdown in the corner: back dash, cr.M and A1, L blaster, f+H, L cube (for jamming bomb), f+H, jump, adf, j.S, f+H and A2, jamming bomb. Throw in blasters, bombs, cubes, or remove/replace certain parts and the timing of your assists to see if you find something that works. I’ll see what I can find with plasma beam and TK overdrive in the near future :slight_smile:

As for a jamming bomb combo with missiles, it usually looks something like an air series, land, call missiles, dash in, relaunch, j.MMS, dash, jamming bomb. This requires that you have a cube already stocked, but it works anywhere. A similar variation midscreen is: starter/cube gain, f+H, jump, adf and call missiles, j.H (whiffs), dash, S, j.MMS, dash, jamming bomb.

The video below shows a few ideas derived from the above paragraphs, specifically at 2:00-2:22. Know that in these cases, if you have a cube built, you can just do a jamming bomb right away when the missiles OTG.


I found a jamming bomb combo that works anywhere with TK overdrive :). You can also use plasma beam to help build a cube and perhaps make relaunching easier, but if you have a cube, all you need to do is the normal relaunch combo. This works anywhere, but you need to make sure that you are a back dash away from the corner when doing the wallbounce into jamming bomb. In most cases you will need to back dash, but at fullscreen, you might need to dash forward to achieve that spacing depending on the starter. You also don’t want to dash forward in the corner either, since it may make cr.M or L cube whiff.

starter, S, j.MH, delay, j.S, dash and call plasma beam, cr.M, L cube, dash, S, delay, j.MMS, back dash and call TK overdrive, cr.M, f+H, jamming bomb

Unfortunately, since you probably want to save meter, you only have one meterless reset from here that I know of. It is: S, j.L, L blaster. The opponent techs during the startup of L blaster and catches all techs. When it hits, you can do: addf, j.S, into your combo of choice or even the one notated above.

You can also learn the unblockable reset, which would probably greatly help out with the meter gain of the team and is stronger than jamming bomb in your case (since you probably won’t use snap back).


LTP: thanks a lot you went above and beyond. That’s everything I need to know to get my jamming bomb combo/MODOK casual gamer level reset going. MODOK is a blast to play. I remember him back from when I was a kid watching the Iron Man animated series–and people online REALLY hate him lol.