Why does everybody love Rolento?

I loved CvS2 but I played at a low level. I didn’t really understand how deep the rabbit hole went until SF4 so I missed out on my chance of high level CvS2. In every Capcom fighting game where there is a potential for new characters, everyone wants or wanted Rolento to make an appearance. He’s like the Mike Ross of fighting games. I’m not trolling I swear. I just want to know what makes him so loved. Maybe we can turn it into a Rolento appreciation thread. Anyone care to speak on it?

I dont get why people make threads like this when there is another thread (fgd lounge or something) where random thoughts like this would fit better. Seems like such a waste of space.

People love Rolento because he fights for great Justice.

I don’t care about Rolento in the slightest. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a friend who’s ‘ok’ about him I probably wouldn’t have known he even existed in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had to hazard a guess though I think part of his appeal for some might simply be that he’s not yet another shoto clone for a start :3

Because he’s like Vega, but with sticks and grenades.

Oh, and: “FIRYUR!!”

I hate Rolento and don’t care for him one bit.

But his gameplay is unique and refreshing and I give him props at least in that area.

Knives ‘n’ 'nades.

Protip: Rolento is in more games than CvS2.

Go to YouTube and look up some Valle/Choi Alpha 2 matches, or X-Rolento in Alpha 3, or Combofiend’s Rolento in CvS2.

I can see the Claw comparison, but honestly, there’s no other character in any Street Fighter quite like him. That’s why I love him. He’s unique, has an odd play style and has strange set-ups and mind games that no one else really does.

Plus, he looks like Clayton from Tarzan.

Will do. Thanks.

Okay now I see why lol.

Grenades, knives, and chucking a grenade on a defeated opponent. And he lynches people lmao

Rolento is one of those characters that plays a different game than his opponents. His angles of attack and mobility change the very nature of the game.

Because dat nigga got Rekkaz and [media=youtube]hdDuJnzdonE#t=7m26s"[/media]on deck.

But seriously Rolento is fucking monster in the right hands though.

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as if you played a game with him before… sigh

why rolento owns:

-he fights with a steel pipe. that alone makes him more badass than most of the cast
-he has real throwing knives. knife throwing = badass
-no one else plays like him since most of his specials aren’t offensive by nature, but only used for positioning. ex: wall jump, scouter jump, back roll and his ppp back hop doesn’t hit his opponents until you press something.
-he can run, he can rushdown, he can poke and he can zone
-he has the best [media=youtube]IyQC82JyXcM#t=2m55s"[/media] in street fighter history

Instead of watching Valle rolento watch BBC. He has more recent vids of rolento play in Alpha 2. Rolento is a fucking beast.
[media=youtube]h_g3PExoYF4]YouTube - [SFZ2 match[/media]

He’s just the kind of guy people like to stick with, whats so hard to understand?

So is Ryu and Ken. I know people like to stick with Rolento. I want to know what makes Rolento the kind of guy people like to stick with. I’ve received some pretty good answers from everyone except you. Would you like to contribute?

I just want to know who the Hell is everybody. Don’t tell me you saw about 20 people wanting Rolento in the SFIV board and thought that equaled everybody.

lol naw. besides the 20 or so on the board it’s just been randomly popping up at spots I go and other boards I frequent.

In A2, his level CC does ridiculous amounts of damage.


And his theme in A2 makes you want to jump in a helicopter while laughing.