Why does everyone hate me just positive rep me


i have so much neg rep and all i do is enjoy street fighter (and to talk about it too) so please just positive rep me good day.


PS - why is E. Honda so FAT? LOL. and what he throw at beginning of round? food? LOL




This is why.



Please… Just close it.


The troll is obvious, but if you insist on acting like an idiot, I’ll help clarify.

First of all, you’re '09. That means anything you try to say is automatically wrong.

Your name. Seriously? Ryu(Streetfighter)? What, were Ryu and Street Fighter both taken on a forum based on Street Fighter? What do you plan to accomplish with that name? Is it clever? No. Is it witty? No. I mean, I’m not saying my name is brilliant or anything (I took letters and put them together), but at least it’s original (I think).

You’re asking for rep. This isn’t going to get you rep. In fact, it will do the opposite. Not only that, but you make a THREAD for rep. That’s a big no-no. It didn’t even contribute to anything. All you said was “Please rep me goodbye”.

What are you even saying at the end? Yes, it is food. It’s rice. But why lol? How is it funny?

Well that’s that. Even though you’re probably trolling, hopefully that will help you get by on this forum. Good day.


im just noticing its funny because he throws food, and my name is ryu because ryu is my favorite + he is from streetfighter (not trying to confuse blazblue users here)


I can’t tell if this is a troll or not. I hate knowing that there’s people dumb enough that you hope the only way it’s possible is for it to be an act, otherwise your faith in humanity would go down another notch. And even if it is a troll, all it’s done is remind me that people actually exist like that.

If I could rep, I’d neg you for using “LOL” as punctuation. It’s not a period, get the fuck off the computer and throw your cell phone away.

He’s fat because he’s a sumo wrestler, he’s throwing salt. I had more to say, but I felt it tacky to use the word ‘fuck’ that many times in a sentence. You’re welcome.


Fat is a very offensive term! Also he is throw salt at the beginning of the round because sumos do so at the beginning of fights to sanctify the ring before their soil it with their presence. Sumo wrestling has its roots in the Shinto religion and lot of the things they do are spiritual in nature.



Yeah. I think he throws the food because hes trying to lose weight. He is quite fat, as you said.


waste of space and bandwidth. I hope you get banned. Thread closed.