Why does everyone hate MSP?

Why does everyone hate MSP ?
Is it because it’s the new team scrub ?
Is Storm Sentinel AAA more broken or cheaper then MSP ?


People don’t like to play a game that can be so random as msp. By random of course in marvel means exploiting stuff that isn’t “suppose to happen.”

Three words: Psylocke’s annoying assist.

…If you call out your assist and you’re trying to rush em down (like, if you call out tron, and do trijumps with storm;etc), and they call out psylocke while you’re rushin the shit out of them, and hit both you and your assist, there goes your assist’s life. (magneto snapback, dash up and otg, launch, launch, launch until they die) I think that’s one of the reasons that people think MSP’s “random”

What do you mean by “is it worse than storm sentinal DHC?” :confused:

ParryPerson.: That avatar is great. :tup: :clap: “It’s like a kara palm in ya mouf” :lol: :clap:

because it’s a mindless team. you don’t have to think about using your assists. you just wait for someone to get in on you and call psylocke. it’s scrub # 2. whereas if you have sentinel’s rocket punch assisting you, you actually have to think about your rushdown and plan out your attacks, but psylocke doesn’t need that… just call her… if you can ROM, you can use MSP… easy as that.

Wow youre dope. Lets mirror MSP at evo for money.

you shouldn’t have taken what i said literally, but then again, this is SRK… stupidity is expected. and i’m not going to evo. i know i suck, but what i said is truth. you mean to tell me why it’s unanimous that NY calls MSP team scrub #2? people used to call scrub cheesy, beacuse if you can AHVB then you can at least hold your ground somewhat with it. same idea with MSP. if you can ROM, then you can basically hold your ground and do some basic resets. big deal. don’t get me wrong and think i’m saying that everybody that uses MSP is a scrub, by no means am i saying that. same way i don’t think everybody that plays scrub is one either, but the fact remains that a lot of newbies learn the rom and some basic resets, and they pick MSP and start going around thinking they’re hot shit, playing in nowhere arcades. then they come down to CTF and start talking bullshit and get owned, their only reply being “oh you were being cheap” or something to that extent. or they lose once and take off. so if a good player uses MSP the RIGHT way to use it, then that’s that, but too many people use it and suck. MSP players are looked down upon, simple as that.

I’m not commenting on whether or not its a scrubby team. This is what I had a problem with:

How are you going to say that you don’t have to think about using your assists? The number 1 reason why MSP gets killed is because people mash on Psylocke and she dies either to Commando AAA, HSF, AHVB, double snap, etc. Assist management is a huge part of playing Mag/Psy.

And I can’t think of any person who uses the ROM as the main part of his MSP gameplay aside from Justin Wong.

I think the ROM should be used anyway since once you have them, they’re gone; if you can hold it that long. But it doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time like JW; although he never stops winning so…

How well does psylocke set up the ROM?

psylocke mindlessly sets it up… once it hits… c.lk, c.hk rom

I hate MSP because the Mag cant combo with the psy. I mean my opponent is always trying to pull of a c.lk,c.lk + Psy assist and when they get he lk’s down but not the Psy cause my assist hits her they actually pause and start blocking cause they dont know what to do next since there Psy is being hit and mag cant do a launch after a 2 lk’s. The team isnt anything special without the Psylocke. Simple as that. Without the Psy what you have left is Mag trying to perform air combos and infinites and a Storm that runs away and rushes with A LOT of random Hail Storms.


i have the sneaking suspicion that all this MSP hate comes from the fact that either a) you cant use the team or b) get raped badly by it

… and anyone that calls magneto/psylocke “mindless” is playing total scrubs if their entire game revolves around lk lk psy

I cant use MSP but its not like I want to. I dont use God Tiers most of the time (99.9% of the time). I beat MSP more than half the time I think.

Well so does RP. Once it hits, dash in, ROM. The team is someone like Cable in theory, one mistake on your part and you die. I guess that’s why some people don’t like it…

ah crap and i was just about to try this team out for a while too.

Several people on SRK who have negative opinions on the team shouldn’t scare you away. Experiment with it, MSP may have it’s drawbacks, but it’s always a fun team, and it could always work for you.

MSP is usually a team that is called very cheap ( because of psylocke) and takes less skill to use then other teams such as MSS. You have to earn your hits ( solid hits) with mss while msp can rely on psyblade and if youve seen enough videos and got execution you can kill people easily. You can just copy combos and do alright with msp. The hardest thing about msp and magneto in general is getting in and if your good at that and your execution is good then you can steal a lot of wins with msp, I sure do… MSP is takes less thinking the other teams but its not mindless. I could assume most people on this thread do not have a decent msp.

RP doesn’t as mindlessly. i’m not saying that that’s all it takes to win with MSP, but once you get the psylocke hit, you get the ROM… RP doesn’t as easily since it goes downward, where you actually need to get a hit in. psylocke is an aaa as well. it just gets you ROM for free.

and i can use MSP, and i don’t get raped by it, but i just don’t like using it… how you can get a perfect against somebody then the same person round two, same teams, will just completely destroy you. the outcome of an MSP match, IMO doesn’t show you who’s good and who’s not, it just shows you that you can take advantage of getting a few lucky hits and then get a perfect. too random

Im seeing mvc2 as having a set of tools and the first few matches you do not know what your opponent uses but as time passes by you see tendecies in their rushdown and thus begin to block and perform better against the rushdown team.

People constatly throw random around to avoid thinking and properly looking at things. A lot of things people call random is not in all actuality. Sometimes I admit I get counter hit by an opponent and I can mash on shorts and land a hit then call psylocke and then from there you know what happens. Sometimes when I do the rom infinite I do not slide fast enough and I miss the lk on the way ( it whiffs)down BUT I land on the ground and press lk … RESET YAY! Sometimes I do not do it on purpose but it works. Blame the game for allowing people to make some execution errors and still be able to somehow continue to maul you.

I understand sometimes people just straight mash buttons. Sometimes I AM random, I use to be REALLY random but playing a bit more has removed most of my bad habits EG random LA etc.
People just call tron bonne and start trijumping to their hearts content but hey what can you do. The game is not balanced and the mistake reward ratio allows for crazy comebacks provided you have the skill. Jmar continues to come back with the storm sentinel duo.

MSP is disliked because it reduces the amount of work you have to do to win. I can just wait for an opportunity or have psyblade do that for me and take advantage of my opponents mistake and punish them. Dash over psyblade at times is very difficult to block because magneto is so fast and psylocke is not joke. Then the betters players start baiting your helpers, whiff trjiumps and msp can quickly become very deadly in the hands of the right player.

Alot of peole have good magneto PSYLOCKE, but not good magnetos… TRUTH! My magneto is barely good. :slight_smile:

The better players perfects are not random. Its not hard these days to kill character with 1-2 touches. Go download a video of certain magnetos and just copy them… bam your magneto is slightly more dangerous. They get perfects by snapback infinites off flying screen setups and then guardbreaking your incoming character. In a lot of cases the guardbreak is inescapable and you are in the corner waiting to be reseted and then die. Last character gets guardbroken followed by a quick reset.

Resets in mvc2 set up what I can call a slippery slope. When a player gets hit by a reset, their defence goes down and they become " mind fucked" as others call it and subsequent resets there after are not blocked or anticipated.

Some resets are more effective then others IMO and it also depends on who you are playing. There are certain resets I block 99% of the time. When I play certain people I know what they usually go for so I can block/counter their attempts. l