Why does evil ryu get all the love?



How is evil ryu top tier, but oni isn’t? They do about the same damage, but oni has a better super and better ultras.


evil ryu does 375 meterless with his BNB stand fierce, med wheel kick etc etc. oni does 296 with his meterless bnb crouch med punch, tc2 tatsu. with meter the damage difference is still there. oni has more ways to land his kara super but evil ryu has comparable ways to land his. evil ryu has more ways to land his ultra 1 and 2 then oni does (air to air mp punch, anti air shoryu).

evil ryu has more options on knockdown from med screen or corner. he has a better focus attack, better walk speed, better back dash which makes his dp fadc back on block safe as opposed to onis. his crouch med kick into fireball is almost impossible to focus attack in between as opposed to oni. his fireball game is much stronger then onis. his wiff punish normals are better then onis. overall he has more mobility, more options, more damage per meter used, just as much ways to land ex red focus, just as good a kara grab, a stronger fireball game, and more reliable ways to land his ultra. the only drawback is that his combos are harder, but not by much if you plink and practice.


E. Ryu has better footises and better Red Focus options. I can’t comment on anything else though, this is all I know.


Really? Evil ryu only has cr.mk and s.mk for footies, and to get big damage off the cr.mk it cost two meters. cr.mk is 7 frames and loses to a lot and as good as s.mk is, it doesn’t lead to anything. I think evil is just overhyped right now. He still has the same problems he had in the last version, just with 50 more health. Once people start spacing out his cr.mk, I think he’ll lose his buzz. I do have a lot of respect for Oni players and hope to see a grand finals of wao (oni) vs sako (evil).


-his crouch lp can be linked into stand hp or mp essentially making anything -3 up close punishable.
-sako makes very good use of far stand mp to punish ppl during footsies. i know that his crouching mk being 7frames gets it stuffed but the way that sako uses it, he luls ppl to sleep and lets them walk into crouch mk range, and utilizing evil ryus good walk speed+constantly growing and shrinking his hurtbox by crouching and standing, he and then uses it to explode.
-evil ryus 6 frame sweep is also a great greeaaat footsy tool, that can also be used off of tatsus.
-pr rog has been tearing ppl up with forward mk blowing up crouch techs into tatsu.