Why does EVO use PS3?

After playing on both systems I’ve found the Xbox 360 runs noticably better for every game. It seems most regional tournaments also use Xbox 360 and only change to PS3 to match EVO rules. Is there a reason EVO uses PS3? I always liked that everyone followed EVO rules because I thought EVO’s ruleset was ideal, but I’m having a hard time understanding the endorsement of PS3.

This thread has been done more times than I can count.

Basic rundown:
Evo already has PS3’s
Sony is a sponsor
Lot of people have ps2 sticks
no RROD during tournament.

4 possible reasons. Pick 2.

They already bought PS3s for Tekken 5 DR.

Thanks, I searched this forum for “Playstation 3” but nothing relevant came up. I shall pick one reason.

The main Reason that Seth Killian told me when I asked at Evo last year was 2 words. Save Data.

Was easier to use a flash drive and just plug it into every PS3 to have all the characters unlocked.

I hope that’s true because then we could switch to xbox 360 now!

Why would they spend an extra 1000+ dollars on new systems and games when they already have perfectly good PS3’s with everything they already need for them?
Being on PS3 hasn’t been an issue this long and it’s not going to be one now.

PS3 is here to stay at Evo. Get over it.

Multiple people have asked this question on numerous occasions. The vast majority of tourneys do use the XBox 360, with a select few opting to use the Playstation 3 as their default.

Evo being among the biggest of the tournaments to use PS3 for the reasons already stated, is the best possible arrangement given the type of tournament it is. You don’t need to go back into the dashboard and start making corrections for controllers and incoming players. Put simply, its less of a hassle to use the PS3 in a larger tournament.

I’ve never seen the XBox 360 run games any faster than the PS3 does as far as in game experience is concerned. The only thing it does better than the PS3 is the faster loading times. If you are not happy with the PS3 format for Evo, don’t compete in it. It is what it is. The PS3 owners who have to deal with all the Xbox 360 tournaments generally don’t complain, and I keep hearing Xbox users complaining when they already have the vast majority of the tournaments.

Just buy a PS3 stick for Evo, dual mod your 360 stick, or simply borrow a friend’s stick that is a PS3 fit. Those are your options, because the partnership that Sony has with the Evolution organizers is convenient, has worked, and will likely stay intact for a long time.

Yeah honestly, the PS3 was always default for evo since it came out. I personally had to choose between ps3 and 360, and got a ps3 first… bought stick, and all the fighting games and everything, then I bought a 360 later on down the road… I have to say 360 is good… but mainly for online things… and for all the reasons stated Ps3 is the more sufficient type because they’re getting sponsored by sony… Honestly if this is just another act of Fanboyism between the ps3 and 360… get over it

You don’t know what you’re talking about. I have both sticks and a dual modded stick and I play on both systems. That’s why I know that Xbox 360 plays the games better. It’s like 1 frame less leg.

They would spend an extra $1000+ dollars because Xbox 360 is the better system and EVO is the biggest competition in the world. When they start making compromises like using the worst system, sooner or later, they’re no longer going to be the premier tournament.

Your fanboyism is showing a little too much, OP. Maybe turn it down a few notches to help your argument a little.

Last year they had over 24 set ups for the PS3 version of SF4. Are you right now proposing that the Evo staff to go out and buy 24 360’s just because you like it better? Then donate 5 grand for them to switch all of their systems to the 360. If this is that important to you then go ahead and do it.

Also, where is your proof that the 360 version lags 1 frame less?

this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on SRK ever.

@ JWangSDC
the words of someone who doesn’t understand why evo is the premiere FG tournament in the USA

I’m thinking that everyone in this thread has been trolled or have just been pulled down to some idiots level of thinking.

I genuinely feel sorry for the level of ignorance that you guys are displaying.


Proof of PS3 lag. The proof is in the feel, neither capcom, nor msft, nor sony are going to ever admit to it. If you guys just tried playing each back to back and doing 1 frame links you’d notice. And eventually you’d notice it’s a lot easier to do links based off visual cues on the xbox 360 so that’s how you know the system is better. Evo doesn’t have to be on the ps3, but once they know Xbox is better (Which they already should), there should be an effort to get it to xbox 360. If sony sponsors EVo, then someone should be working on getting Microsoft to sponsor them so they can sponsor evo.

You say we are ignorant yet you want things done your way based on your preference, not taking into account any reason why things are the way they are. I can’t tell if you’re trolling.

I am not trolling. I will walk you through my logic.

Do you want to play with or without lag? We agree without lag correct?

So then…

Is there any lag difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3?

Please read this thread http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=231128. In summary Justin wong prefers the xbox 360 and evidence illustrates that The result is the ps3 has 1 frame of input lag compare to the xbox 360 version. I’m not talking about speed difference."

So now we know the Xbox 360 is essentially 1 frame closer to real time than the ps3. And since the system with less lag is the better system, I know Xbox 360 is the better system.

That’s why I want EVO to use the xbox 360. If EVO is using hte PS3’s because sony sponsors them, that’s fine. It just means someone should be working on getting sponsorship from MSFT so we can use Xboxs then. Regardless of what happens at this years evo, there should always be a movement towards what is better and the Xbox 360 is better and that’s why I want to use it. It’s got nothing to do with my personal opinions. First you guys attacked me telling me to get a PS3 stick (but I already have one and a dual modded stick). Then you guys attack me saying I just want them to do what is based on my preference. So now I’m illustrating that my preference is only good because it is what is better. If I prefered the PS3, then I’d be wrong.

The question was answered in the 2nd post of this thread. You can choose to ignore the answer, but it doesn’t change the answer. It will take 32 consoles to run SSF4 this year. I can think of about 20 better ways of spending $6400 than fixing 1 extra frame of lag.

I really don’t get this lag issue you speak of. I’ve played a lot of SF4 on 360 for local matches with friends and a lot of PS3 at home. I had no issues either way. The only time I see lag is when I play online.

Why do you care so much about 360’s at Evo? If you really want a Microsoft sponsored tournament then why don’t you start your own? You seem to want to have your ideas heard and made into reality so go do it on your own rather than complain on a messageboard.