Why does Fuudo win everything? :(

Evrytime im super hyped up to watch a fighting stream i never expect Fuudo to roll up and strait kill all the hype for it. In EVO im sure there wasnt a moment that Fuudo wasnt thinkin “Yo… imma beat all yall folls.” and then he strait did it and everyone remembered that fool coming out of nowhere and beating everyone.

I just watched such a hype GODSGARDEN stream. That i heard Poonkgo, Sako, Mago, uryo and momochi were gonna be at. I was telling my friend how godlike every second of its gonn abe. So sure enough Momochi and uryo start killin everyone off, but at the sametime in the background Fuudo is all in there just beating the hell out of fools. and the first time you hear someone say his name youre like. “Who wtf? i thought Fuudo bailed after he bodied everyone at EVO?” and then he just starts beating everyone for no reason at all. and he is like “I get very lucky.” youre like, fool you dont get lucky you beat the hell out of us with Fei long…

Then after Uryo beats Poonkgo you know this losers final is gonna be the sickest shit ever. Uryo vs Momochi, it was soo hype the rooms were all dark theyve been fighting eachother all day. And it’s such a good fight, there all doing all the dirtiest tricks that no man ever thinks of and just go at it. finally Momochi tries some of dat cheap stuff at the end and he ends up getting the last round and Uryo was so sad about it. then he fights Fuudo and Fuudo is like.

“The fuck up fool” and beats Momochi after such a epic series and everyone at home is like. Fuudo what the fuck man?

That fool just strait killed all the hype because whenever Momochi started fightin,m and you were watching Fuudo just do all this wack stuff to em. You were like… man you are not gonna win against this Fuudo!" it was the same shit at EVO man, Fuudo is like a magician appearing everywhere and ruining peoples days.

Why do you keep winning everything fool?

Because he plays VF.

You made a thread… because Fuudo won? Is this your way of asking for Fei Long and Yun nerfs?

OPs face when Fuudo won.


he went and took a shit right after eating so much salt.

No dude, im asking for Fuudo nerfs!! this fool is beating everyone!

1/10 Troll

I think you mean “Straight”.

Fuudo is sick.

I feel like I’m reading a thread made by one of the Wayans brothers…

What was your point again?

Hype killing is the best. There’s nothing like watching a sea of crying video game nationalist go home quietly, and there’s nothing as sweet as the tears of streamers. Dat irony.

Because he doesn’t waste his time posting crap on forums

Dude because Fuudo made the game not fun to watch because he just mad everyone so salty by beating everyone again. He just comes out of nowhere and is like “I play Street Fighter too.” i beats everyone at the biggest tournament ever. Latiff was so salty dude. EVERYONE felt salt towards that man!

Daigo used to do the same thing!Hypekiller are so brutal dude

People are still surprised by Fuudo?

18 year old SRK member, joined this month, salty about a solid player winning tournaments.

Gotta love this place, man.

Like your salt towards Fuudo right now? So was this your face after your hyped was toned down?


this thread is a hypekiller

Dude hell yea man im starting to love this game so much, i used to think being a SRK member would be so lame and just liked to play the game and watch streams. Then i thought how coolit would be to be able to ttalk to people about stuff like this who actually knew what i was talking about.

And hell yea dude i was like “Fuudo wtf…” that picture is so funny dude

He does it to piss off the sponsors

Dude he is doing such a good job hahaha he looks like the only guy out there playing the game right now haha

There is a reason an un-sponsored Fuudo traveled all the way from Japan to Las Vegas. And I would bet my soul the reason wasn’t to lose.

Hey, who knows. Maybe Daigo isn’t the best SF player in the world.:sunglasses: