Why does Fuudo win everything? :(

Dude hell yea i bet Fuudo worked so hard to get as good as he did dudde, but he kept that shit as such a scret dude. fuudo was not ANYONES pick to win EVO and everyone admits that. But that fool is so damn good at this game its mean

She says hi and when it rains it poors



Dude lately i feel like the generations skill is adapting to play japanese players. People are getting really good at it. when Latiff beat him at EVO dude it was the craziest thing ever after seeing Daigo fight so well

people complained about daigo and now fuudo? come on man these guys worked hard to get where they are at. Its actually nice to see someone else winning shit other than daigo.

Playing a good game before sf4 helps a lot. Ask Latif…


u never know the future SF5 champ could be a former smash player

Dude i feel like youre so right. i started with SF4 and ive loved it since then and defended it. But now that im playing other games and trying knew things out. i feel like all the people i called salty about SF4 like “Man stupid street fighter 4.” and id be like you “You mad cause its not what youre used too.” but i feel like it may be someweher deep in my head, it could be a bad game o.O

I really want to play that guilty gears now

I lost my shit completely at these two images. D:

Do you feel like you have to do it again?


Dude do you like make these? there the best things ever lol. and i aint mad dude! im sad, Fuudo and Daigo are too good, they make it look not fun becasue no matter how far anyone gets whenever you see them have to fight Daigo there like “Ah fuck… why’d it have to be Daigo.” like there only fear in the world lol


daigo bodied me soooooooooooooo badly

Fuckin sucked…

But i’ll be ready for round 2 in november

DUDE i cant believe you actually had to face that salt. i feel like that would be the worst thing in the world, Daigo is sooo good dude im so scared of ever having to face him in my life

If I was salty, I’d make sure I drink 2 gallons of water to get rid of it.

dude i feel like you needed a picture for that one to be super funny

Yeah dude look it up, Jozhear vs Daigo Canada Cup

The FIRST time I played him i almost took a a couple rounds, but he still won our exhibition match 3-0.

The SECOND time i played him…

I think he wins because he does the basic things, does not try to do something that is too risky, always seems focus and it just looks like this is his time, but trying to compare him to Daigo ain’t fair for him or Daigo himself, we should let this guy write his own story and not compare him to others.

dude youre so good at teching throws. and you looked so nervous too you were like… oh man. Your Vega looks sick though dude i bet like now that its a year later you got so much better

let all the daigo and fuudo haters stay salty