Why does game journalism suck?: Angry Joe FTW!


Honestly I have zero issues with this design. I like that she actually looks like a soldier and could actually fight battles. Same reason I like Brienne of Tarth. I don’t have a problem with strong female characters as long as they actually look strong.

I mean seriously. Probably the weediest male character in Street Fighter is Gen and even he’s ripped as a chimp. But Sakura can uppercut harder than Sagat? Get the fuck outta here…


There’s a private thread?

Also, for what it’s worth, after only seeing the Zarya image posted here in this thread without the trailer, I can say that the Scooby Doo gif is quite close to my reaction.

For those curious, O.D.B. (the pro-wrestler) is my waifu.


Sure thing. Wait, dude you’re already apart of it.


My response to Big Bertha in Overwatch?



So butch female = pandering? I guess buff ass Meryl in MGS4 was obviously Kojima pandering to SJWs. There are fucking furries and robots in Overwatch too. In the end, who the fuck cares?

Not gonna lie, this is looking real close to a Gamergate 2.0 thread so y’all should be careful not to get this thread closed. This is coming from someone on the outside looking in.


Keep it on shitty and corrupt games media guys. If that happens to overlap with GG so be it.

We’ve already seen threads closed due to identify politics bullshit multiple times already so let’s leave it keep it out of this one.

If you wanna keep talking about the new Overwatch character, there’s an [Overwatch thread](Blizzard Overwatch I recommend that you can use instead.


I’m just going to let this thread rot like it used to and stick to the private channels.

This thread was created 2 years ago and compare that to the BS that was uncovered in the last 6 months. Tiptoeing around the issue does not get results.



Invite to the private convo plz


I second this request.

Spirit Juice is an SJW-loving, tattletale ass nigga.

Go runteldat to Mr. Wizard and Valaris.


I don’t see the pandering. It looks out of the norm in VG world which is coo’.

Starting to wish I picked up a PS4 or Xbone so I wouldn’t have games to play and keep up with Gamer Gate. DAMN YOU WII U!

lol at people thinking the “private convo” is real. Wasn’t some dude on here trying to make it sound like his life was in danger? It was Elder God btw, lmao.


Lmao what the hell is wrong with you, po? You really think there’s some SJW Illuminati that I’m part of? Geez. Take a breather, dude.


We playing mafia here?

Bandwagon going for lynch SJ?


Can we not shit this thread up too, please?


No, we are simply continuing the original thread updating with news and info, minus sennin and ash, but somewhere else.


Yo, invite plox.


Just popping in to ask for an invite.

I think the whole fucking thread just evacuated, might as well have just carried on as we were and fuck it if it gets locked.



QUESTION: Why does game journalism suck?
ANSWER: Because EGM and Gamepro are gone :frowning:




Yo could I grab an invite too?



Also, I hope your house burns down and you end up homeless so that everyone can laugh at you because according to @Femto that would be the appropriate response.

If SRK was my site I would make it so that SJWs like Femto would have an SJW tag next to their user name so that we would know that anything they say is worthless, like their existence.