Why does godweapon server blow now?

i went up 30 ping on there and everyone else who had low pings are now in the 30’s and higher… it’s rediculous.

Yeah, I went from about 35 to 60ms.
Several other people I know have noticed similar spikes in ping as well.

I had 9 ping all last night in Godweapon. Verizon Fios continues to win. I always have the lowest ping on that server. Few people like Magneto Maniac come in close second.

you live NEAR the server’s location though… so people from MD/VA/DC don’t really count.

True…I definitely had a higher ping when I went into the NY server. That’s why I dont mind Godweapon. I found some really good connections yesterday (minus Exo…he was downloading pr0n) without having to do p2p and stuff. p2p doesn’t work with everyone any ways.

p2p sux imo

When it works it’s really good.

yes…insane ghetto live ftw

still the no. 1 sean dude


I used to have a ping of 0. Now i have a ping ranging from 40-60. Its unexplainable

As I explained in the other thread…

Excellent Connection Ranges:

  1. 0ms to 34ms. 3 Frame Delay.
  2. 35ms to 66ms. 5 Frame Delay.
    *Input is sent on ever other frame.

Good Connection Ranges:

  1. less than 50ms: 5 frame delay.
  2. 50ms to 99ms: 8 frame delay
  3. 100ms to … : 11 frame delay
    *Input is sent on every 3rd frame.

So your ping doesn’t matter much as long as it falls in a particular range as shown above.

Considering I jumped from a 3F to 5F delay based on your table, it does matter

i went from 15 ping to 60… thats a 2 frame difference. which is ALOT

Actually its 3 frames difference making a total of 4 frames delay. Thats considering you are using LAN. There’ll be 5 frames delay with Excelent and 8 on Good. Of course, its emulinkerSF server so the ping which will be used to determine this will be the highest pinger in the game. So don’t play laggers.

use this calculator if you have trouble calculating: http://kaillera.movsq.net/?p=7

GW had always blown for me. I usually had about 70ms, which made me ghost like a spook, and then it fluctuated to about 100ms everytime I logged in.

I haven’t been to that shithole in months.

yeah, went from 68 to 90+ it’s either WW, daroms or p2p for me now

Other than ggpo, p2p kaillera is the greatest thing to happen to online SF

I was going to refer them there but I forgot your link x.x

You people need to stop complaining about GW server. If it doesn’t fit your needs, simply play in another server. 1 server can’t please world wide players in respect to ping.

Why does my ping change constantly?

Because ping doesn’t just depend on distance! It is also impacted by cpu processor speed of the server, spyware, the internet servers, the exchanges, other users on your node, service provider changed networked pipes, rerouting downed network line etc ? a whole host of reasons! The ping shown is the average result at the last snapshot, and it constantly re-checked by the server.

Your ping in gaming is slightly different, because it can be a plethora of problems. maybe your all on the same network and there is a downed line and there rerouting your connection or you got spyware cause you download to much pr0n.

Do you have a plethora of pinata’s?