Why does godweapon server blow now?

yeah, but in these perilous times, where e-terrorism is running rife, you never know when those other servers will “mysteriously” go down under attack, even the private ones.

not constantly. a 1 time 30 ping jump is what is about. If 20+ people are having the same issue it’s obviously something has changed on the server side not the client side.

Godweapon changed locations…FL, NY, and VA.

We’re talking after being in VA. a cross the board 30 ping increase has hit almost everyone since the recent emulinkerSF upgrades 1-2 weeks ago. as soon as /lagstat and /p2p etc options were added to be more specific.

The only thing I changed with ping was instead of taking the BestNeworkSpeed, I took the AverageNetworkSpeed. These are two functions Moosehead coded, I commented one out.

Most people in the server seem to have low pings and the usual people I see don’t seem out of the norm. There is one simple solution to find out your real ping… cmd ping <gw ip>.

Thing is… its not 20+ ppl its the same 5 people who continue to talk down GW. Ryu1999 is one of the ones I wish I can help cause hes alright in my book but for the others i don’t really care play somewhere else.

Al thou ping does not say much about network speed, I agree that picking average ping over the best ping was the right thing to do. Statistically, you should lag less now.

Ping doesn’t really seem to be a factor as much as the computer user. I have an average of 54-69 ping and don’t really lag. I played someone earlier with an 18ping and lagged endlessly!