Why does it seem like there's more XBL Players than PSN Players in SRK?


Is it me or the FGC play on the Xbox more than PSN? I don’t mean to start up a console war btw, I just am curious to why it seems that way.


Xbox is the superior system.




Xbawx Master RACE REPRESENT! (I play on PSN lol…)


Well when your parents pay for your consoles/yearly multiplayer fee…

But serioustalk the 360 is just more popular in America, just simple stats there, this is no way a comparison of the two consoles or which is better though.


the xbox is a lot cheaper then the ps3 back then so a lot of americans went with that. Playstation has always been more popular in japan though. Idk but ps3 SFIV which is the most popular game in tournaments has lag latency, and the xbox doesnt. What baffles me is that EVO goes with the ps3. Why is that?


They ha already bought PS3s for tekken. Also, a lot of the community had ps1/2 sticks already from before SF4, so they would have only had to buy converters instead of new sticks.

We’ll see what happens next console generation.


As a VF fan, I had to get a 360 to play it online, but now with the new one, it seems PSN has more players, so I may have to pick one up. I’ve read many times over the years though that PSN is laggier for Capcom games, and apparently there’s no voice/party option. There must be a lot of trolling on there as well, with anonymous, multiple free accounts. In the UK, the 1st Xbox had Third Strike on it playable online, which the PS2 didn’t, so even then, it was no contest. If you go back to the offline '90s… then even PS1 had vastly inferior CPSII ports, compared to the Saturn and Dreamcast. Sony just don’t strike me as serious abut fighters really. They seem more orientated towards turn based games, the hackneyed dilettante vision of Hideo Kojima, plus lots of female friendly dancing and singing style software.


paid service > free service.
(in this specific case anyways)


I will never pay to play online multiplayer on a system platform.

I am not stupid.


360 all day, I have a ps3 too. Sure the ps3’s free but for some reason when I sign into psn, I feel like its not really a next gen online experience. I don’t know, theirs something about the xbl dashboard that seems nice and organized.


Yeah those ads really help to space everything out.

The XMB is just loads of… clean… empty space with only the information you need and nothing else. What if I want to know about Lynx’s latest deodorants? I am happy to pay for that privilege.


because hacked PS3s canr play games online


Sorry, but the XMB interface is arse. Though I admit the newest XBL dashboard isn’t nearly as good as the old one, the Playstation interface is so bad that it really feels like I’m a generation behind. I’ve had the bleeding PS3 for a year and it’s still illogical and badly laid out. Plus, the PS Store is terrible.

None of this fanboyism, however, has anything to do with the original question: There are more XBL players here because more people in the US have 360’s (by a very large margin) and since ‘most’ SRK posters are from the US, math says you’ll see more XBL players as a result.


SRK is mostly Capcom fighters

SF4 and MvC3 are better on 360.
SFxT is the only current gen Capcom fighter that isn’t better on 360.

Every other fighting game is better on PS3 or equal with 360


and if you think for one minute that’s why there are more 360 players here…

Which console a game is “Better” on only factors in for the relatively small number of people who have both consoles AND who don’t have a preferred online or offline community that dictates what they would play on. No one is going out to buy a 360 to play the “better” version of Marvel. :stuck_out_tongue:


People already have.


Why do you have to pay to play online for xbox? How much is it?


Apparently, it’s because of the tragic bullshit of the Red Rings.


Microsoft wants their money. 'Nuff Said.
It’s $20 for 3 months or you can pay the price of a game ($60) for a year.


I wouldn’t go that far. Xbl is simply a better service, you gotta pay for quality.

In reply to the OP there are more xbox players because it’s simply a more popular system. No other reason.